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The "Should I Upgrade" Blues


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Hopefully, this specific question hasn't been asked: I have an 'O4 RT with only 10,000 miles on it. Just got back last week from a 2400 mile loop around the Four Corners, Torrey, etc. I know the hexhead RT has more power, less linked brakes?, cool accessories, less weight, lower center of gravity, etc. But on the highway cruising at 75mph, or in the twisties, having fun, am I going to notice any difference with the new RT? Better ride? Different ergonomics? More stability? ??

Thanks. Dean

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I'm going through the same dilemma. I love my 04rt and it does everything I ask of it. I read about the r12s and how people think that they are better in just about every way and I get the "should I upgrade blues" as well. When I catch that virus I go ride my bike and think no way this bike too great to get rid of!

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I love my 04rt and it does everything I ask of it.
Doesn't that answer the question..?


Every new model has some improvements, that never ends... just depends on whether you want to spend your money on those, or on moving closer to the date that you can ride as much as you want. Of course if you have the money to do both then that's great too... grin.gif

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John in VA

I just sold my beloved and pampered '00 RT with Ohlins for a cherry used '06. I have mixed feelings. The '06 is homely compared to the lithe '00. At only 3k mi, the '06 motor is pretty buzzy, while the '00 at 30k was butter smooth. ESA is a joke, so I've got new Ohlins still in the box and looking forward to mounting them so that the bike handles and rides as well as the '00 did.


I really miss the nonpower, unlinked brakes of the '00 -- the '06 power brakes are awful; the motorrad boys finally realized the unnecessary expense and complexity and INFERIORITY of power brakes and dumped them on the '07. Your '04 has power brakes, so maybe you're used to them. That's my 2c. YMMV.

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I came to a 06 RT by way of a ST1300 and before that, an 01 1100RT and then 02 1150RT. I would rate them this way:


1. 06 RT

2. 04 ST

3. 02 RT

4. 01 RT


In my opinion, the new hexheads are much better than any oilhead... they are lighter, more powerful, smoother (not so much compared to the Honda though)... and the brakes are just fine in my opinion, I had gotten used to them on my 02 and had no problem with them at all.


I say take a 07 for a test ride and see for yourself... I think you will like what you find.



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But you've just STARTED to break in the bike.




I guess I'm just the poor white trash of the group.

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The biggest difference between the '04 and the new hexhead is the smoothness of the engine. The newer bike is a little lighter, a little more powerful, etc. etc. No huge improvements, just lots of little ones. One thing the 1150 will never take a back seat on... looks. It's one of the prettiest bikes ever.

I wouldn't have traded my '04 RT for a new one. I did, however trade it for a GS.

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