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Road Runner Rally 2007 (a few pics)


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Torrey was not in the cards this year, so Joan and I decided to head to Heber, Arizona for the AZBEEMERS Road Runner Rally. Here is a pic of the GS ready to rock and roll. Note the new Parabellam (sp) windshield and the new Corbin seats. More about that on another thread:




The ride was uneventful, a little rain in the mountains, a little smoke from the Prominatory Fire, and a temperature shift from 98 in Phoenix to 56 between Payson and Heber. The purpose of this ride to was to get there, drink beer, smoke cigars, eat, drink JD, and be entertained. We succeeded. Here is a pic of Beemer-heads being entertained. Lower left hand corner, 3rd guy from the left is our own Agent86:




Here is why he was smiling:




This Beemerhead is showing his appreciation:




This woman was really good. I love belly dancing!




Here is the BMWST contingent:




That is Cheryl on the left (Mrs. AGent86), Agent86 in the middle, and Joan on the right. One thing I love to do at Rallies is look at the bikes. Who does this belong to?








The owner of this bike was a pretty macho GSer. Could not figure out the Teddy Bear on the windshield and I was not going to ask him:






This bike was equipped with a space time continuum thing on the back seat:




This bike has a serious identity crises. Look at the plate…wait a minute, that’s my bike!




It rained a little at two in the morning. Took this pic at 5 am:




Here are two GS models, I think they are 07s. They were not available for a test ride:




Here is Agent86’s place. I do believe he is on the bike under the tarp!




That’s all folks! See you in DEATH VALLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool.gif

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George, looks like you had just a little too much fun, i'm extremely jealous. wink.gif

My guess to who owns the k bike is a lady named Helen.



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George, I have beer in the fridge, JD in the cupboard, feel free to drop by. PM'ed you. Pretty funny we live about 200 yards from each other.



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