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Ohlin's rebuilder NEEDED


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I just turned 25,000 miles on a set of used Ohlin shocks. Don't know how many miles were put on them by the first owner. They were really clean though! I hit a large chuck hole during a hard braking situation and the front shock seems like it gave up the smooth ride I had before. With the stock shocks the bike is just a bike! I need a rebuilder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Any in Mind?

Thanks thumbsup.gif

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I suggest you check your front & rear rim for damage.


Sounds like what happened to me last year. Hit a pothole, then not so smooth anymore. My issue was a slight bend in the edge of the front rim.


Check VERY closely. Hard too see but (in my case) I could feel it by running my fingers around the flat surface on the side of the rim.


Good luck.


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Due to a leak, I had to have my front Ohlin shock rebuilt by a local (Dallas) Ducati dealer who is an authorized Ohlins rebuilder. Their estimate for labor was $200 and two weeks. It took 4 weeks and when I picked it up, they charged me $300...no explanation other than "it took longer and we ordered the wrong part..." I was not impressed with their attitude/service and will not be going back to them for any future work. eek.gif

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I had just about 2K miles on them before I sold them to you. Yea, they didn't even get dirty much.


Then I traded my RT for my ST grin.gif


I wonder how long before they normally need rebuilding?

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I recently had my Ohlins rebuilt at a cost of $150.00/each. This is the basic cost if no other work is needed. My front shock leaked, so there was an additional charge for the seals.


Kyle Racing Engines rebuilt the shocks. This is the busy season for most people in the trade, so don't expect a quick turnaround.



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I've had three Ohlins rebuilt by these guys. They're very responsive, something that Stig is not exactly known for. The work is excellent but they may charge a little more than average. GP Suspension

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