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Saturday update on Bmweerman


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Saturday AM


It's been a mixed bag of tricks this morning. No major problems, just a lot of little ones that have been, or are being taken care of.


The 2 transfusions he got yesterday made a huge difference in his lucidness so he is much more aware/alert today. That, in itself, causes some other problems. His lack of nicotine (he's a chain gum chewer) hit him hard, so they have put a patch on him. His restless legs problem is more prevalent and since they have a feeding tube in him they're going to start him on his regular regimine of meds for it. (They're in pill form so now they can crush them and add them to the feeding tube.) His chest on his right side is very uncomfortable. Even though the respirator is doing most of the breathing for him and his oxygen levels are good, he still has times when he feels like he's going to suffocate. He's already ripped a mattress and a couple of sheets from the contraption he has on his leg and his flailing due to discomfort and frustration. It's hard for him to communicate his needs-he can mouth what he wants to say,but I'm not a very good lip reader, so it gets really frustrating.


Basically, the game plan for today seems to be keeping him comfortable.


Saturday PM


Aaahhh....blissful sleep. They got all his meds worked out and upped his sedation a little to keep him from getting so anxious. Yes, his hands have been tied down since being on the ventilator. He hates it and it drove him nuts today. I tried untying his hand so he could write, but he's so medicated that he really didn't have the control to write anything remotely legible. (It's bad enough that his regular writing is barely readable). When I got back in this evening, went back to my place to eat and do laundry, he was sound asleep and very peaceful. I'm tempted to say hello, but will let him sleep and instead wait until the nurse has to disturb him for some procedure. It's such a relief to see him comfortable again.


Everyone, please-make sure you stay awake, wear all the gear, and a full-face helmet! That's what saved Cameron's life. If he hadn't been wearing a full-face helmet, his face would have been smashed in. I saw the helmet, probably should have kept it and taken a pic of it, but at the time I just wanted to get ride of everything that was abused during the accident. It smelled of a pungent sick odor that made me feel it was the smell of death. I didn't want to bring that home or have anything to do with it, so the helmet and cut up jacket went straight into the dumpster. One of the nurses said the smell was probably due to the change that occurs in the cells of trauma victims. There's an immediate breakdown that starts in the traumatized tissue, at least that's how I understood it. Anyway, I will somehow get some pics of the bike, may just get a disposable camera for the job and convert everything to digital. I'd like to get some input as to whether it's repairable from some of you. I'm afraid the insurance company may just total it because Beemers are so costly to fix via the actual BMW shop. Cameron is a good scrounger for used parts, etc. and if the frame and everything else is actually OK, I'll try to work something out with the insurance company. Since he can't speak for that approach I'll see what you have to say. I'll get the most detailed pics I can. If there's parts I should focus on, let me know. Thanks!


One more thing, thank you so much for all the emails. He's got plenty of reading to do when he's better.

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You my want to tell the insurance company to leave the bike alone until Cameron can tell you all of the extras that he put onto the bike that needs to be taken off before it goes to salvage. Don't be surprised if there is more on it than you were previously told about him purchasing, it is a buy thing, guys like stuff. The bike needs to be taken to a BMW shop and evaluated, if the frame is bent, it is a gonner, if the bike is 9 years or older, you have first rights of salvage. Save everything that you can, he probably will not remember anything before or directly after the accident, and he may want to see the stuff and realize how his gear saved his life, perhaps take pictures for his non ATGATT friends how important the gear really is.

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Patti-my heart goes out to both of you. Every "get off" I have had has happened in a split second. I am sure that Cameron was unaware of the level of fatigue he was experiencing or maybe just ready to be back home. I haven't been online for a few days and read the Saturday updates and had to back up to see what had happened. Though I don't know your husband, it just makes me sick to hear of something tragic like this happening. Sounds like he will have a long recovery, but the blessing is that he WILL have a recovery. Some are not so fortunate. We are located in the midwest (Kansas City) area, but if there is a time you just need to bounce off someone instead of sitting bedside and going stircrazy, please feel free to send a PM and I will respond to you. I had a high side accident years ago that was a piece of cake compared to your husband's. It sounds like he has a great support system in you and for that, he will be thankful in the weeks to come. Please keep the updates coming so we can all keep him and you in our prayers; and know we all want him back home with you as soon as possible.

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Thanks for updating us. I've been reading your updates and praying for you and Cameron from afar. I can relate to your situation (eight years ago my wife had a bicycle accident that left her in a coma for a week) and I know how hard it can be to spend time in a hospital with a severely injured spouse. Hang in there! It sounds like he's making his way through his recovery one step at a time and is getting good care. Be sure to take care of yourself, too.

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I know Tom and others here in Bakersfield have probably already said it, but if there is anything you need taken care of in Bakersfield, let me help. We are here for you guys. Cameron is on the mend, so things are looking up. You hang in there...


PM me if you need anything taken care of on this end.

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