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R1200RT Radio or Radio Prep? In a bit of a hurry, btw...


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I am about to sign on the dotted line for a 2007 R1200RT and was hoping to just have the radio prep kit but the bike I am looking for has all the options I want....but has the radio rather than just the radio prep kit.

They are saying that it is more difficult to uninstall the radio than anticipated and are offering to sell me the radio for "1/2 off" at $500 or so but I am wondering if I should press them to uninstall the radio and leave the prep arrangement or if I should take the radio and, when I figure out how and what to replace it with, deal with the swapping of radios at the point....or what?


I haven't been able to ask them how much it will cost me to have them uninstall the radio.....if anything.....more to come on that one....


Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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John Bentall

At that price the radio is a bargain. If you want an iPod linked into the radio using the radio remote volume control later there is an adaptor cable available - but it does mean uninstalling the radio to fit it!

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I'd take the deal... The BMW radio is not that bad and having the radio display on the dash and intergrated controls is great. Adapting the AUX input is not too hard...

Take the deal... Enjoy the new ride.... Buckster

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J@M com sys hooks up to BMW Radio,Part # 71 60 0 412 987,Com ll +,,Has CB,Weather,,Can hook up Pasport,I POD,Or XM to it,Works nice, thumbsup.gif

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I'd take the deal - if I wanted to listen to music while I ride...


Have fun - I just bought the same bike last Saturday.

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Check to see if there is an installed jack that will accept other things such as an I-pod. My '07 (with all the factory extras) has a cable with jack attached to the CD unit, and is apparently for interface with other stuff.


For that money, I would take the radio. As previously mentioned, there is more to it than just a radio. All the controls, including handle bar volume and station selection. Also, the read-out on the glass panel. Reception seems good.





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Well, I bought the bike yesterday. The salesguy and I were both surprised to find the jack that will allow my iPod, if I so choose to do this. So, I got lucky with the reduced price on the radio. I have a feeling that I will be replacing the speakers b/c they seem a little week. Otherwise, the bike is great....but aren't all newly acquired material goods...? I am already thinking of things to add.

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