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Initial Impressions: Wunderlich Seat for 1200GS


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I've had my Wunderlich Vario Seat for my 1200GS on for a week. I haven't done any long rides, but here is what I have gleaned so far...


1) Ordering from Santa Cruz was a pleasure. Ordered by phone. The seat arrived in two days via UPS. Very well wrapped.


2) The seat is well-made. The fiberglass basepan is very sturdy (more on that later) and the metal mounting hardware seems heavy-duty. Actually, the weight of the seat feels about twice what the BMW stocker weighs.


3) I became nervous when I read the installation instructions. The first line suggest that I bend something on my bike to make fitting the seat easier and then includes a checklist of things to try in case the seat doesn't go on easily.


4) As the furnished material predicted, the seat was a b--ch to put on the bike. It needed to be cajoled, and then finally beaten on until everything clicked in.


5) Impressive range of adjustability. For me (5'9", I put it in the lowest position. It is soooo much wider than the stock seat though, especially up front, that there is an effective increase in seat height. I do not like the effect this seat has had on my ability to securely foot the bike at a stop.


6) The overall shape of the seat is so wide and round, I feel like I am on the bike, not in the bike. It's a bizarre sensation. The shape of the seat is clearly designed to prevent the rider from sliding forward, but they acheive this by creating a seating platform that feels to be rotated slightly rearward. The net effect is I feel like I'm being forced to lean back. The shift in my body position has an amazingly huge impact on the way my bike feels (almost like it's more wheelie prone due to the slightly more rearward seating position. Also, the fiberglass basepan is very stiff, to the point where it transmits more roadfeel through it and into my loins. I suppose this could be seen as a good thing in certain situations, but it doesn't work for me.


7) The seat physically locks me into one position.


8) The upholstery material is too grippy. I like to be able to slide around a bit.


9) Conclusion: This seat might work for some, but not me. Anyone want to buy it? PM me with an offer.


Think I'll try the Sargent low.

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