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TPM Issue/Problem - R12RT


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Just returned from a great ride through NM/AZ with four friends. The '07 RT was outstanding.


Only slight blemish was the Tire Pressure Monitor not reading the front tire, so I rode most of the time with the yellow warning light on the dash. The tire pressures are fine and where they should be. The TPM would read the front tire fine the first five or so miles after starting the bike following a stop, and then it would show a dashed line as it failed, trying to read the front for another five or so miles (Rear wheel fine), then stop reading both front and rear giving me the warning light.


Anyone experience the same? I'm guessing there's a problem with the front wheel sensor or maybe a software problem?

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...Anyone experience the same? I'm guessing there's a problem with the front wheel sensor or maybe a software problem?

I've noticed that on start-up my rear pressure is displayed first and then 30 seconds later the front is displayed. Don't know if this sequence is common to all. I assume that the reciever can only function with one frequency at a time, and that on the road it alternates front with rear. Of course this is entirely conjecture - would love to hear from someone who actually knows how the TPM functions. Mine was one of the first bikes with TPM sold at the shop.

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On an 07 R1200ST, I have the same 30 second delay in getting the signal from the front tire but otherwise the TPM works fine.

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I have had a similar issue. Occasionally, it will display dashes for either the front or rear tire but there is no triangle warning so I'm assuming it has lost contact with the sensor.


Once, while starting out the engine cut out as expected while putting it in gear with the side stand still deployed. Restarted without recycling the ignition, traveled about 100 feet and the red triangle came up with the rear TPM flashing 22. Stopped the engine to check the tire and it has been fine ever since.


Most of the time it works just fine but when it goes flakey it seems to stay that way until the ignition is recycled.


Since you are getting the triangle I'm guessing there is something wrong since mine never displays this when it seems to lose signal.


Does the TPM display ever flash at the same time you get the triangle warning?

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