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Out of this world GS adventure


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Tom, Chris took a bunch. We had fun but did not make it all the way to four peaks, part of the road was very soft sand so we elected not to continue through the sand. By the way, I am planning on going to Death Valley next year with the GS. There are three very interesting roads to take in Death Valley with the GS. Titus Canyon just west of Beatty, the old Toll Road that starts west of Panamint Springs and ends up in Darwin, and the road to Cerro Gordo which starts across the highway from Keeler.

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Could you pass along the GPS co-ordinates?


That looks like a place I'd really like to explore.


Sure, look up! grin.gif




Here is another shot of the same area with some locals.

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The perfect picture for one of my favourite ADV .sigs: "Earth First - We'll Ride The Other Planets Later", you're just ahead of your time.


Down near Hanksville (UT) there is an area that is used as the Mars Research Station, I bet we could get some good other-worldly pics there this weekend.

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