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How to Special Order


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the rt is pushing 100k and although it's running fine (with a new top job after eating a valve at 92k) i'm thinking about a new k1200gt.

anybody have experience with special orders, especially with non-standard color selection?

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Paul Mihalka

With BMW it is not easy. First off, you have to pick one of the colors that are in the program for that model bike. No custom paint jobs.

To order a bike exactly with/without the factory installed accessories you want, you have to be in close touch with your dealer, but it is not a immediate process. When BMW plans a USA version production run of your desired bike, the bikes get allocated to the dealers. At this time the bikes are pre-production and the dealer can specify in all details the bike you want. At this time the dealer will want a commitment (deposit) from you, because after he changes specifications he is not allowed to refuse the bike. The bad part is that the dealers do not know ahead of time when they will get the next allocation. It can be next week or three month from now. Yes, the system sucks.

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