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No GPS Audio With Autocom


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I recently had a new Autocom installed on my R12RT. Everything tested out just fine. I have not, to this point, installed the headsets in the helmets, and won't for a few weeks. I did, however, just buy the headset lead (part #1188) that allows me to plug in my ER6i in-ear speakers. I'm heading to Torrey at the crack of dawn Saturday morning, and was going to use this as a good opportunity to see how I liked the in-ear speakers vs. the helmet speakers supplied in the Autocom kit.


I hooked everything up yesterday to do a dry run in my garage with the Etymotic ER6i's. I switched on the ignition, and fired up the iPod. Check, music comes through clearly. Then I figured I'd try the GPS, so I fired it up (Garmin 276C), set it to simulator mode, selected a route and told it I wanted to navigate that route. So off it goes in simulator mode. When the first turn arrives, the music from the iPod is muted, and I get a blast of voice directions from the GPS. Wow, clearly I need to turn down the GPS volume, which I do. I thren decide I'll try this all over again, now that I've turned down the GPS volume. That's the last peep I've heard from my GPS. I've tried everything, but all I get is dead silence. I checked all the leads, and plugs. I've checked the setup on the GPS to make sure it's set for voice prompts. I've turned GPS volume up. I've checked Autocom rider volume (I'm getting iPod music with no problems whatsoever). I even substituted the Autocom headset for the Er6i's, but still get nothing from the GPS, but do get music. I'm stumped.


Have I missed something obvious that would explain why I can't get GPS audio through my Autocom? Would it have anything to do with the GPS being set to simulator mode perhaps?


I'd really like to give my in-ear speakers a real test to/from Torrey, including GPS directions.


Any ideas?

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Oops. Posted this in the wrong place. Since I can't delete it, I've re-posted it in "Bike-Related Things"

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