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Funnel the East Ride--Let's Meet Along the Way to Gunnison


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Let's not wait until we get to Gunnison to have fun, eh? I'm thinking of putting together a "Funnel the East" type plan. Here's how it would work.


We'd all ride in smaller groups or whatever we want (personally, I'm riding with Bill Hawkins, K2R, and David Bearden, GTR, both of Nashville), and then meet at prearranged places Friday night and Saturday night. And then we'd ride as a larger group into Gunnison.


Riding in a larger group for that distance isn't necessarily safe or practical. But it would be nice to know that we'd be not too far away from each other in the event of a mechanical breakdown, and it would be fun to hang out at the hotel in the evening (those camping could do it nearby).


So here's the tentative plan. Meet in Kansas City, KS on Friday night. And then meet in Limon, CO, Saturday night. I'd determine a route (with Dick and John's help, who have traversed the area) and then lead a ride into Gunnison Sunday. We'd leave early so that we could get there around noon (it's 240 miles or so).


Would any of you folks be interested in that? I haven't looked into hotel options yet, but I'll do that if there's enough interest.

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John Ranalletta

Would be interested in meeting up in Limon. We're tracking across norther MO & KS, avoiding the slab and going solo. Let me know where you book the night in Limon. If anyone's interested, here's our itinerary:

  • Thu - Indianapolis to Springfield, IL, 205 mi
    Fri - Springfield to Concordia, KS, 463 mi
    Sat - Concordia to Limon, CO, 392 mi
    Sun - Limon to Gunnison, 268 mi

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Recourses: I'd be interested in Limon, CO. We are going across Oklahoma, Friday and haven't made our Saturday motel plans yet. Let me know. Thanks for the thought.

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We'll be staying with big sister in Castle Rock until the 21st.

When you know what route you'll be taking from Limon, let us know, and we may be able to join the convoy to Gunnison.



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I don't think I'll be able to make it all the way to KC (850 mi) on Friday. My route plan does include staying in Limon on Sat. night. So count me in for a convoy into Gunnison.



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KC is about 750 miles so its a possibility. I was going to work 1/2 a day Friday rather than burn an extra vacation day so I was planning on camping or snoozing along the road somwhere Friday night so I may be able to catch up with you in the am Saturday if I don't get there by Friday night. However it goes if you have a definate route please post it and I will try to catch up.

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Jim Catlett

I think Coleen Staton from ST Paul is riding down Friday night to spend the night. We would then leave from Kansas City, Missouri Saturday morning for COlorado. I have no concrete plans for Saturday night as of yet. I was planning to stop in Denver but I'm not sure. Where are you planning to stay in Kansas City, Kansas? That's a pretty rough neighborhood you know.

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I'm booked at the Preferred Motor Inn on Sat. the 20th. $38 a night with breakfast, pool and hot tub !


8 Days and Counting !!

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I'm hoping to met a lot of you in Gunnison. My wife and I'll be in Paonia for the TOTR and we are wanting to know if any of you will be there on Friday or Saturday? I'd like to visit and get a heads up on who to be careful of. I don't want to lose my wife to those creamy thighs gentleman! I really like her RS. :-))


Thanks, and we'll see you in Colorado.

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Guys, Bill, David, and I have had a slight change of plans, and I wanted you to know just in case you wanted to change yours, too. We decided to leave one day earlier and play around a bit, avoiding the interstate for 1,200 of the 1,450 miles. Which means we'll be coming into Gunnison from the south, instead of dropping down off I-70.


Our tentative stops are Thursday night in Conway, AR; Friday night in Wichita (or further west); Saturday night in Pueblo; and then on into Gunnison Sunday by noon or so. Those are pretty easy days, so we might wick up the pace and place in Colorado Saturday. We'll see.


Sorry for the change.

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