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Shoei Syncrotec Autocom Install


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Does anyone have experience fitting an autocom headset into a shoei syncrotecII, I'd appreciate any advise as I can't seem to get the cheek pads or lining out, thanks.

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Just did mine last night - what a bugger it was! I too didn't see the Autocom info, but phoned Feridax (the UK distributor) who advised that the only 'approved' installer for their helmets was Sonic who also do most of the UK's police force's commissioning too...


However, I ploughed ahead regardless and the first problem I encountered was getting the cheekpads out as the ShoeiMan who built my lid was very very liberal with the black gooey goo which bonds the liner in place - it had also bonded the cheekpads too! I released one pad ok with the aid of a spoonhandle, but managed to crack the other due to hamfistedness - DOH! However, a little cyano fixed that so I was still happy. My biggest beef was that the recess in the cheekpad wasn't in the right place for my ears, so I had to cut new detents to accommodate them. I used an old pistol shaped induction soldering iron (Weller) with a longer copper wire loop fitted in place of the soldering bit. This allowed the loop to run cooler and thus not burn the poly. I carved the new detents in the right place and refitted the fabric covering using new double sided sticky tape.

I've previously had trouble with Autocom headsets falling out of the liners - that velcro tape has never been 100% good for me. Instead I probably committed the crime of crimes and drilled a couple of small (2mm) holes in the shell and used a tiny button headed allen bolt to hold a small copper saddle clamp inside the shell. I used the soldering iron to carve out a small detent to accommodate this, as well as the other bits of the loom lurking behind the cheekpad.

The end result is cosmetically very good - no outward sign of modification apart from the small button hex-head, so I'm pleased with that. However.... I don't quite know how I'm going to deal with the fact that the end of my nose has to hang over the chinpiece.. a nose-job seems a bit extreme


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