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Tony's CRAPTASTIC Sunday out.


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Well it started out great really. I took the RT out to visit a new friend a few cities away and talk bikes. I met Rick at a car show a few weeks back and saw he was wearing a FirstGear jacket.

Ok, so I say "so what did you ride here on?" Knowing it was a BMW just because we're all clones right?

He then said a r60/2! I laughed and said yup I have one too! So that pretty much started the talking. So after visitng with him I needed to head down to see my wife perform in musical ensemble.

Oh my way roads are clear then... they are not... 405 south for you locals.


So off to splitsville and lane sharing. Well it was one of those bad bad days where there was way too much squeezing going on and boom!


My right mirror hit a cars mirror and both mirrors blew out. Mine totally run over. His was the glass but it's electric. So we both pull over and I tell him I'll pay for it. Info exchanged and back on the road to get to where Lori is. I get the hell off the fwy and use the streets now. I wasn't but a few streets down when all the sudden my remaining mirror pops off and is dangling from the wires! Ugh what is going on here....


So with directions in hand I roll on now a few minutes late as I came from another direction not on my route sheet. I heard my phone ring and pulled over to answer it but it was too late. It was Lori. I tried calling back but no answer. >>Now, I'm late.<< She is surely worried and needs to go perform not knowing where I am. I should have called earlier right after the incident but... I'm a stupid man who was running late.


Since my directions are from another location I'm totally flipped around and spent a FULL hour going is clover shaped circles around National blvd tring to find any one of the 3 streets on my direction list.


I got there right as everything was ending. I'll omit the husband, wife, bike interaction at this point. So after the emotional things start to settle down Lori needs to go to another location I am to head home.


Traffic again! Now right mirror-less I ride like the the other 49 state riders do by staying in my lane. Screw it! I get off and take my street route through downtown L.A.


No problem just rolling along and as I pass a bus I rode right into a pot hole the size of Snake river gorge! SLAM! full compression and POP my only remaining mirror once again is off and floating still held with a few wires. I reach down and hold it as I kill the bike to a stop.


So where are my tethers you ask? Um I forgot to put them back last time off.


So here I write my tale of the Friday the 13th on Sunday the 15th. It came a few days late for me but it did come.


I have located a replacement mirror assembly and will be getting that though the actual mirror is missing. Beggers can't be choosers. Now I will await the call of what I will owe to fix Donte's car mirror. Oh joy!


Take it easy out there.

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Wow, Tony, that was craptastic!!


Glad the accident wasn't worse, and glad you are still married too.grin.gif


Steve in So Cal

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Except for the mirror it sounds somehow familiar lmao.giflmao.giflmao.gif


Great story, hope you find a new bit of glass !



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Well CRAPTASTIC is much better then the CATASTROPHIC that my minds eye saw whilst glancing over the headlines.

You deserve the 14 years of bad luck cause you shortened my life by that much blush.gifgrin.gif


Much to many cars on the roads these days & only going to get worse tongue.gif

Hang in there Road Worrier.....er Warrior thumbsup.gif

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