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Pannier lid badge question


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Anyone know whether the BMW rectangular badge on the pannier lids is stuck on or screwed on- hard to tell with the double skin. If screwed on, how do you gain access? If stuck on, can it be removed in such a way as to be refitted without being damaged by removing it etc?

Ditto question for the BMW round badge on the top box.


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It's stuck on with very strong double-sided tape. Use some kind of stiff plastic scraper tool wedged under the edge and lift slowly. A credit card might work, but even its edge might mar the paint.

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Also, count on buying a new reflector because it's backed up by flimsy white cardboard that will tear when you scrape the double-sided tape residue off the pannier in bits and pieces.

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You could run a piece of fishing line under it. Just saw back and forth under it and it will come off. You could also heat it up with a hair dryer or heat gun, carefully< just enough to soften the adhesive and lift it off. Tom

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