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Question for those who hardwired the Zumo using the factory connector.....


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I used part number 83300413585....short cut #2. Used 1 & 3 to black & red.....all works great. My question is when I shut the bike and take the key out, my Zumo stays on unless I shut it off. I know the bike sends power for a few seconds/minutes after you shut off the bike, but I left it there for 5 minutes and it was still on. Is this normal???

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I'm pretty sure that's normal. I think the delay may be something like 20 min. Someone will jump in here with the exact amount of time I'm sure.

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Yup, normal for mine also. It does stay on for a few minutes with bike power and then on the internal battery. Sometimes I have to turn it off twice - once when I shut the bike off and again after it comes on via the internal battery when the bike's power finally goes off. It does "ask" if you want to continue on internal power but then stays on if you don't select No.


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Well, I'm not sure its normal....I have the Hyperlite LED lights on the back of the bike. They usually stay on like 2 minutes after I shut off the bike. When I shut off the bike with the Zumo on, the Zumo and Hyperlites now stay on longer than 5 minutes. When I finally manually power off the Zumo, the Hyperlites go off like 2 minutes later. Seems like the Zumo makes the power stay on....odd....

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I have hard wired my Zumo 550 using the stock cables it comes with, the one with the inline fuse.


If you have used the same harness and tapped into a switched power source, then your unit will turn off with the key (naturally), but if you've wired it to the battery ( or some other unswitched source) as I have done, then it will not, as it is still drawing current from the battery - and the unit has no way of knowing you've powered down your bike.


I preferred this wiring scheme for myself. I remove my Zumo when I leave the bike anyway, the secure-but-quick release holder is a work of art IMO.


And at night, I leave the thing hooked up to the battery, so its always charged when I play with it in restaurants, rest stops etc.

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