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Zumo Turning Instructions - Simple Question


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Pardon the dopey question, but I don't have my Zumo manual anywhere nearby. I am using it on the bike for one of the first times, and getting into the features. One feature I *thought* this GPS had was the ability to tell you the street name of the next turn in. E.G., "In 200 yards, turn left on XYZ Street." My Zumo just says "In 200 yards, turn left." That's it. No street name. Is there some feature or option I need to activate in order to get the GPS to specify the street name? Thanks.



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Go to the tools menu (picture of wrench)

Select Locale

Select a voice language (picture of lips)

Make sure your selection includes (TTS) this should give you what you are looking for. If you select a voice language without the (TTS) street names will not be announce.

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LOL... a few hours later and he is back to the old URL again. dopeslap.gif


I'm not sure why he just doesn't leave week enough alone.

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