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Rear brake pad replacement


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At the risk of opening a big'ol can of worms here...

For the rear brake pads on a 12rt


A) OEM or aftermarket (what brand) pads?

B) Can I do this in my garage?

C) Do I need any special BMW tools?

D) has anybody authored/posted a tutorial on how to get this done?


Thanks in advance for your responses.

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Piece of cake! If you've changed pads out before on any bike, then you can do these just as easily. Twenty minute job.


Use after market pads, due to BMW pads are way, way too expensive.

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I have never been impressed with aftermarket pads for my cars - the OEM ones (at least on my Acuras) seem quieter and of higher quality. Is this not true for BMW motorcycle pads? If not, then which brands are recommended?



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The Galfer # is "FD271G1532". I got this from their packaging. When I ordered thru Cycle Gear, they had to call Galfer because they didn't have a listing either.

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I put Galfer pads (green) on the front and cannot tell them from the OEM's.


So stopping distance and feel are same as OEM. How is brake dusting with the Galfers? Every German vehicle I've bought (4 bikes, 6 cars) has spewed brake dust onto the wheels. If the dust gets wet it almost bonds to the wheel surface.

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I've got 11,000 miles on the Galfers now and haven't noticed any brake dust. However, I didn't notice any brake dust with the OEM's either! Down here I think the bugs get in the way of the dust.

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