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tall men motorcycle apparel


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BMW makes some tall sizes that fit me at 6'6".

Aerostich will do a custom for you. I got the 2-piece Darien. Great stuff!

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+1 on FirstGear stuff.


Also, I'm 6'2" with relatively long arms and the Rev'It jacket I recently bought fits perfectly.

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+ whatever on the First GEar.

Also, depending on your build, TourMaster has some stuff too.

Personally I go in for the Frankenstein look and don't worry about being tall. grin.gif

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I'd second newenough.com I've purchased several items from them. I'm 6' 5", long torso. I got a Joe Rocket jacket, First Gear pants, leathers, and gloves from them. Good prices, GREAT customer service.

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+4 First gear. 6'4" 240lbs, long torso, long arms. (Ape like?)


+ 5 first gear, +2 cycleport


Must be in the name, 6'4" 230lbs long torso, long arms also!


Alan D (also)

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Am 6'6" 295 and the firstgear leather and mesh jackets i have work great but havent found any raingear from them in tall sizes.

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First Gear, but their quality isn't the best since Tucker Rocky bought it.


BMW. I just bought the Santiago and love it..Long pant and sleeves.


Belstaf- British Motorcycle Gear- Really nice stuff and they seem to run long/tall. Really nice people to deal with too!!!

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I second the Motoport. First Gear tall sizes are still a bit short for me. Nothing else even came close to fitting in the arms for me.

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