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I seen a few replys on how to tether the mirrors. I would like to use ty wraps. My question is where do you attach it to Thanks. ride Safe Bartster

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Why do people feel it is necessary to tether their mirrors?


If you don't do it, you will find the answer to your query, on some typical road, at an hour of the bike's choosing. The mirror will unexpectedly leap from the bike and gleefully roll along the roadway, emitting pieces of plastic, until it comes to rest. All the while, you will be asking yourself, "What the f%^& just happened"?


....or at least that's what I've been told by those foolish enough not to have tethers in place dopeslap.gif

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I bought some stainless steel mirror safety cables from A&S Motorcycle. The instructions say a small hole may have to be drilled into the inner mirror plastic on the mirror side. I think these are a better solution to flying mirrors than plastic. Just a thought!

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I used tie wraps with good results. Put one end through the tab behind the mirror itself. For the other end, drill a hole in the backplate of the mirror housing itself, and route through there.


My mirror, as you all may recall, fell off even with the tether in place. Yes, the tethers are stainless steel (overkill) but the lugs were made of soft copper (duh!). After falling off and dangling for less than 3 seconds at speed, the lug broke and the mirror was history. New assemblies are $250.00. A pack of tie wraps is $5. Seems like a no brainer....



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I started doing the same as you, Moshe, after reading your account of your lost mirror.


Two tie-wraps, linked together. One on the bike, one on the mirror. I drilled a 1/4 inch hole -- I don't remember whether I did it in the mirror or on the bike, but it seemed obvious at the time where I should drill it.


Every time I take the tupperware off I cut one of the tie-wraps. I replace it when I reinstall the tupperware.

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