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We had a bit of a scare today.....


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Don't worry.. it wasn't 'us'.....


But one moment we are riding leisurely through the woods, following a couple on a small cruiser.... the next moment they were almost down and out blush.gif!


What happened is that one of the cars in front of him decided to turn left, ito a small forest road, and hit the brakes. The cruiser rider was probably looking at something else at that moment.


I was some 200 yards behind, and suddenly saw smoke coming from his rear tire, while the back end sweeped to the right, almost catapulting the young lady on the pillion seat.


He managed to regain control, and stop in time behind the car he was following, but it was close !


He did three things wrong:


1. He was following the car ahead too close

2. he didn't pay attention

3. he hit the rear brake instead of the front


It showed again how easy a leisure and pleasant Sunday afternoon can turn into tragedy within mere seconds, if one rides a bike 'too leisurely'.


I hope he learned something... he DID give us quite a scare ! blush.gif

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That was lucky for him, good too that you saw it all happening as clearly as you did, good observation.



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Most accidents that I observe (both 2 or 4 wheels) have the H.U.A. characteristic in common. You were correct with all three mistakes Francois.


Glad you were not involved. wave.gif

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