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ABS II fault, brake relay


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Hi all,

I've got a problem. My 96 RSL had showed a brake fault on the way home: alternating lights like a low voltage. It didn't reset on restart. I get home and turn off the bike and can hear the ABS motor under the tank with the key off. So I pull the right panel and disconnect the battery. I'm showing a #6 fault: ABS relay. Where the heck is the relay? confused.gif Is it under the black plastic on the right hand side of the ABS unit and if so, how do I remove it? That has some weird screws holding the plastic cover on. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Is it under the black plastic on the right hand side of the ABS unit
Yes. Take out the screw and the cover slides off. The relay is part #61362306526 BTW.
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Thank you. Is the relay inside the black cover or is the black cover the relay? Sorry to be dense...I don't see an easy wire connection;just power and ground going into the ABS unit and four wires disappearing into the black plastic case and these wires go directly into the main wiring harness.

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Thank you. I couldn't figure out if that plastic door slid up or not...better to find out in the beginning than ordering parts later. grin.gif

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