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Head shapes/helmet brands

Mark K

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I'm due for a replacement and am interested in a modular/"flip-up" type lid. I have a Shoei-shaped head but wanted to be sure I was aware of all my options. Question: What helmet lines are similar in shape to the Shoei?

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I'm a Shoei RF1000 in XL and comfortably wear an HJC-CL12 in XL and the Arai Quantum F in XL. Currently riding with the Shoei and would gladly get another. Tried some of the flip-front designs but the back of my neck forces the front of the helmet down and my chin keeps bumping - not a nice sensation. I've got a large neck to support my fat head so YMMV. grin.gif



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I had a Shoei RF-1000 and decided i would like to try the HJC Symax flip up helmet. The Symax lasted 20km before I went and ordered a Shoei TZR. The HJC was so noisy, you could hear everything as well as a lot of wind noise. I am afraid the HJC is far to noisy.



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I wore various Shoei RFs for years I know I had a few 700s. I switched to a Schuberth Concept and am quite happy with it although is is noticeably louder than the Shoeis. I did find that I had to go up one size larger (XL to XXL) on the Schuberth. I'm planning on going to the Schuberth C2 sometime soon when finances permit. I read it's quieter. I love the built in sunshade and venting visor on the Schuberths. grin.gif

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