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GPS for 06 K1200GT


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I'm looking for some input for this asteemed group regarding the best way to mount a gps on the new handle bar system on my bike. I'd like to avoid the costly BMW set up if I can. Can I mount any other gps system to the bmw mount besides the bmw unit Thanks Wedge confused.gif

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Things are a little fuzzy for me. Do you already have the BMW mount, and you're looking for a GPS that will work with it? Or are you looking for a mounting system?


The BMW Nav III is essentially the same thing as a Garmin 2820 (though without XM). I've never seen a Nav III, nor the BMW mount, in person so I can't comment on whether a different GPS will work in the BMW mount. I'm sure someone will chime in with an answer to that.


In the meantime, if you're in the market for a mount, there are lots of alternatives:


Gadget Guy


RAM Mounts


Big Mak Shelf


Z Technik


Motorrad Concepts

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While the mounts above are all great, the plastic BMW mount works the best. A chunk of plastic for $125. tongue.gif


I have a Garmin Quest sat in a Quest motorcycle mount which bolts directly to the BMW sat nav mount. The BMW sat nav mount cost precisely £10 here in the UK.

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