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Suggestions needed where to mount a toggle switch?


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I need to mount a toggle switch (on/off) for an aftermarket oil cooler fan. I've looked at my RT 'dash' area, and there doesn't appear to be a place to mount a toggle switch that would look clean. Is there something available that can be mounted on the handle bars and would look OEM, (without the OEM price)? Any other options? I was also considering a thermostatically controled switch, but don't know of any sources or types abvailable. tongue.gif


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I put a toggle switch, (2 actually), inside the glove box. (where the radio goes) When you open the box, on the flat surface on the right side looking down in. There is also room for my garage door opener there. You have to keep a key in it while riding to get into it, just another thing to remember when you get off.

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I'm interested in the cooling Fan, how effective is it, I do a lot of city stop/start driving and the bike tends to run hot, was it easy to install and where can you get them?



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Well, I in the process of installing it. But its not the BMW oil cooler fan that the Police version bikes have. I've picked up a couple of 80mm computer case fans that I attached to each other (side by side). Now just working on finding a place/method to mount the on/off switch. The fans are only about $2 each (at a computer salvage shop) compared to $350 for the BMW fan. These fans also draw very little current hence no issues if idling for long periods of time. It beats shutting the engine off if the oil temps get too high as can happen during the smog season when stuck in traffic.

I got this idea after successfully adding a fan to my VFR rectifier. The rectifier was prone to early death due to overheating, and many VFR owners of older models have made this mod with good results. Plus the fans are cheap and easy to obtain.

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You may want to look at authority PTT switch holders. There is one for two and one for 3 switches that sit on the left handlebar low. It will definitely cost more than both fans.

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I don't remember.....does the 1150 still have the small black piece of plastic just under the drivers butt, on both sides?? If so, I installed my garage door opener on the back side of that panel (duct taped it in place).....then soldered some leads to the switch on the opener, and ran those over to a rocker switch in a 3/4 inch hole in that panel. All I had to do was drop my left hand, hit the rocker, and "job completed"!!



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