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Starter Noise


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Since I took my bike out of winter storage it has started to make a screeching noise when you let off the starter button. It only does this when the bike is cold and has been sitting for awhile. Because of the weather I haven't had an opportunity to ride it on back to back days so I don't know if its there if the bike is ridden regularly or only after a lay up. What happens is that when I start the bike all is normal until I let off the starter button then there is a brief but quite loud shrieking sound. The bike turns over normally and starts quite readily even in below freezing temperatures. From what I can tell it only makes the sound when the bike is cold. Once I have the bike warmed up it seems to start normally for the rest of the day with no noticeably extra noises.


I am thinking this is not be too serious and can wait for my next service to have it looked at. However that won't be for another 8500 kms so I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts about what it might be and if it can wait.

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I had the same problem recently, (see starter screech)It is a warranty problem.


Unfortunaly, my dealer wont do any warranty work unless I put the bike in for service, so I stripped cleaned and greased the starter myself.

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Looked up the thread you mentioned. Sounds like I have the same problem. I guess I will have to take it in to the dealer to get resolved.

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