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Camping and Sunsets at Grayton Beach, Florida (lots of pics)


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Beth and I set out for Grayton Beach State Park on the Gulf of Mexico.


The Gt was loaded using a Mags Bags U-Pak that easily held a laundry list of items including; tent, sleeping bags, stove, utensils, clothes, 5 pillows (why not? grin.gif), inflatable sleeping mats, food, and much more.


The Florida State Park system just became the first to be named "Best in the Nation" for a second time.

The trip through the Florida panhandle was all on two lane highways, through National Forest and miles of sparsely settled rolling hills.

We arrived and set up camp on beautiful West Lake, adjacent to the gulf.



From here it is a short ride to the Victorian village of Seaside. This pastel resort was the site for the film The Truman Show. DSC01180.jpg

There is an active group of artisans whose talents range from painting to woodwork.

Check out my custom swing.


Returning to the park we strolled down to the beach which features miles of white sand and dunes more that 20 feet tall.


Today the warning flags were flying signifying dangerous rip currents and dangerous marine life.


The juxtaposition of undeveloped gulf front habitats and the upscale developments creates a stark reminder of better days and an uncertain future.

We are fortunate to have access to many beach front sites such as this.

As the day wound down we hoped for a special finale as the sun set over the water.

Our prayers were answered.




Until the next time. wave.gif


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Very nice pictures, EXCEPT, for that really ugly date stamp in the corner. Your camera almost certainly records the date in with each picture in something called EXIF information, in Windows if you put the cursor over a jpg file it will tell you some of the EXIF information. You can also set Explorer to display that info as a column just like the file name and date it does now.

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Nice. Maybe it's time to create a BMWST.com camping trip to Grayton Beach. I know who could lead it. wink.gif


soon as well, i might add!

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I have the good fortune to live close to the Panhandle, and spend a lot of time down there on the beaches, the most beautiful in the country (seen em all). We love it there.

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You're right, I forogot to remove that before taking pics. blush.gif

Doing it after I hadn't known about.

I'm doing well to get this far. grin.gif

Thanks for the info.

The panhandle has great beaches, some nice roads, and excellent food.

Makes for a teriffic moto experience. thumbsup.gif

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I couldn't resist trying out the Alien Skin Smart Fill filter in Photoshop


This one was easy, just selected all the letters and said "fix it"



This one was quite a bit harder, did each letter at a time, if you didn't know they had been there you probably wouldn't notice the distortion. Of course with the originals and using a couple of other PS tools you could make it pretty much perfect.


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I can tell that it was a great trip for you and Beth. We have only been out of town twice in the last year! We missed you this time but not the next thumbsup.gif

I hope you stayed out of the gulf. Those jellyfish can raise a welt. ooo.gif

Keep exploring and don't let Beth fall asleep with that cool wrap-around bag to lean against.

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What a great time! I really wish J and I could get away right now. It would be so good for our souls.


Thanks for taking us along on your camping trip! thumbsup.gif


Steve in So Cal

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