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How we doing in here? cool.gif How soon are we thinking of having a sign-up list? Looks like I'll probably not make it. I'm not sure I can swing being out of the office that long, given the distance. Yeah, I know, I'm a wimp. I just can't stand long distances to get some place, and I don't have the additional time to make the trip fun. It's 1,600 miles up, which would be 3 days, so 6 days of traveling, 3 days there, and we're looking at 9 days. Argh. I hate to miss it.


Anyway, I am wrapping up the nonplanning for El Paseo III, and I'm struck by how little work we really have to do for these things, which is good--simpler the better. We'll have nearly 100 people there and we set the tone for it as simple and free flowing. I throw some routes together, MattS creates Mapsource files for me, I call my favorite chef and he does dinner for 100 people, we collect at the door, and that's about it. No announcements, no vendors, no signing up for things (except attendance), no tech daze, no nothing. And people still have a great time and want to come.


Same for the Hill Country Rally, which actually had more organization than it needed.


We've got a great group of people here who just love simplicity. Contrast that with http://www.curvecowboyreunion.com for another board. If they want to do all that, more power to 'em, though.

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Amen. I really really tried to do as little planning as possible for Un2, but just got sucked in and still over-did it (incl. all helpers). Don't let it happen to you! nono.gif


I mean, I've done no planning for El Paseo whatsoever, and just look how beautifully it is coming along! smirk.gif

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David, REALLY sorry you may not make it. You da man and your absence will be felt.


Jake, right on! Something about governing least and governing best?

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