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Alternator Belt


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What is the estimated life span of a Vee belt?

My oilhead has 36k on clock and just this weekend I thought I heard the belt squeaking a bit. Might just need tightening but while I am in thought I might as well change it. Since I have never attempted this task is there any precautions I should be aware of?

Thanks for any advice.


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Paul Mihalka

36K is about the right time to replace the belt. You are lucky. On a R1100R it is a much easier job than on a RT.

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It is a pretty simple change. The life span varies as has been discussed on other occassions. I just check mine every 12,000 miles since it is easy to remove the screws and slide the cover enough to check the belt. To replace the belt you will have to remove the tupperware. I replaced my belt at 54,000 miles and it showed no signs of fatigue. Just felt for the cost I might as well change it during the major service and not have to worry for quite a while.

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I delayed replacing mine after inspecting it at 32k, and ended up replacing it at a gas station in the hot FL sun at 36k. It's probably time. I used the 35k schedule there-after.

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