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? Sargent Seat riding height position on a 1150 RT ??


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I just put in my full day on my 2004 r 1150rt and my butt knows it :-)) Previous owner has a sargent seat that was on the bike to sell me,,,


Does the sargent seat put you higher / lower ???


Moves you back / forward??

Any opinion on this seat for distance??


Any advice apreciated :-))

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These are always tough questions. I rode with a Sargent seat this past weekend. It was different from the stock "comfort" seat. I might even like it. I am vertically challenged and so ride with seats in the lower position. I came home and made some shims for the front of the seat with 5 x 30 bolts to raise the front only up 1/4". Might be just enough angle change. YMMV thumbsup.gif

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Sargents are not lower than the stock seat on the R11XX. The seating position is very similar to the stock and also quite firm. The pad is a little wider perhaps and you will still have the sliding forward problem unless Sargent has addressed that issue recently. I put 18000 miles on my Sargent and one of the happiest days of my life was sending it off to Russells to be redone. I just got from a trip with two over 14 hour days in the saddle and have no pains. On the Sargent a four hour ride was unbearable and I could only do that by strict attention to my riding posture. Coincidentally, there is a Russell for sale at this moment, so if you are considering a change, that would be my recommendation. But to answer your question, I don't think you will notice being more forward or rearward or higher or lower.

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had a sargeant on my 2004 RT for two years now. very comfy and can sit "back" vs sliding up. also put one on the weestrom. i like them both very much and hated the bmw stock seat.

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Bought my RT with a Sargent seat. It's definetly lower on my bike. I put a Corbin on as my butt is used to Corbin. The Corbin I am on my tip toes. With the Sargent I'm pretty well on the balls of my feet. As far as the comfort of a Sargent seat.....it's not what I like. I do think the Sargent seat is the better fit to the bike. Sargent makes a nice seat pan that locks into place pretty nice. I am only 5'8" so the height of the Sargent was nice. IMHO

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Sargent has a "regular" and "low" seat available.


Me being 5'10" and with a 31-32 in inseam. I could not flatfoot the RT at all. Tippytoe city, made moving the bike a MAJOR chore. I came close to dropping it too often. Enough that I was seriously thinking about selling it. The height was not solely the problem. The bike is wide in the seating area and accounted for some of the tippytoeitis.


I got the "low" sargent and it is night and day as far as being able to safely move the bike around, I love it.


Definately not the most comfortable but for shorties like me, is an absolute necessity (the padding is dense and fairly thin).


I think it is about the same or a little more comfortable than the stock seat.


I'll try a Wunderlich low seat when I get enough money to afford it, or maybe a Russell.

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I'm 6'4" with 32" in seam. The BMW stock seat was a killer in 90 minutes.

The Sargent is much better for me. I use it in the middle seat position. (3 positions on the R1100RT) I do have an air hawk for rides over 10 hours in length. It was money well spent for me.

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Bruce Barrow

I'm with Alan D on the Sargent. Same bike, same seat, same middle positon for me at 6'1" and 31" inseam. Wouldn't put the stock seat back on if you gave me one. It's been on since 2000 and shows no wear. For me, the firmness decreases as the ride gets longer. Probably a case of old age and numb ass.


Take care, ride safe.


Bruce grin.gif

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Using a lowered Sargeant. Went from tippy toe to flat foot. am 5'8". m stripe looks cool too.


Everyone's experience with seats will be different because every has a differently shaped *ss. To confirm this, just page thru a Playboy magazine.

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