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GPS power access.


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Hi, I'm planning to install a GPS to my RT and as I don't have a radio installed I'm going to use the available power source. Just a quick question, what is the best method/application to tap into that radio power source? The radio power source is a blue 4 pin (male) connection. I've probed (DMM) the connection and two of the four are the power (red) and ground (brown) which I plan to use. Just wandering how to attach to this access point. I don't want to damage the factory radio power source should future owners of this bike wish to install a radio.

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Well no method is going to be entirely transparent. To my knowledge the mating radio connector is not available as a separate item.


If you carefully strip off some wire insulation back from the connector, then solder a lead onto it, that would be minimally intrusive.

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Jerry Johnston

What Ken said would definately be the quickest for you. I found a compter connector I was able to modify and use. The radio connection I used stays on until you lock the forks. I should have written the color or connector placement but haven't - if I get into it again I'll sure log it for others benefit.

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Stan Walker

I found individual pins in my 'junk' drawers that would fit. Crimped and soldered the GPS wires into the pins, then I used some electrical tape to secure them together into a pair with the correct spacing. Lastly I plugged them in, tie wrapped the wires to prevent any stress on my home made connector, and they have been like that for many years.



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I believe there are two plugs on the left side. A four pin accessory plug and a ? seven pin radio plug. Both plugs have a brown (ground) wire and both have a red with white stripe always hot wire connected to the same 15 amp fuse (Fuse #3 I think). The radio plug has a violet colored wire with a stripe (can't remember color of stripe) which is hot except when the ignition key locks the fork. It stays on if the ignition is just turned off. It is the only wire on a 4 amp fuse (? #8). You can strip the insulation from any of these wires and solder your GPS power plug to the ones you want to use. I used the violet since the 4 amp fuse is plenty for a GPS and it's the only thing on that circuit plus turns off when the fork is locked but stays on all the rest of the time.

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