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Cruise Control Broken?

Mike T

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I recently purchased a '06 R12RT with 6.5K. I've been trying to use the cruise control. I slide the cruise switch to the right and the red light under it comes on. I then push the Set switch up and the Set light comes on in the computer display but the cruise does not come on. This morning I got it to engage for a few seconds but now I can't get it to do anything. I'm assuming that it's not working properly, or am I missing something? I even read the owners manual and I'm doing what it says to do.

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It's sounds like your procedure is correct, there's basically nothing to it. The only "simple" thing I can think of is check your brakes. If the front or rear pedal/lever is adjusted very close to the actuation point, it may be flickering on at speed causing the brake light to flash and also disengaging the cruise. Good luck.

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Does your bike have Nav III gps? If so, try disconnecting the harness from thre Nav III at either end of the harness. Try the cruise again, if it works, I've got some more info for you, post back.



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I don't know whether the CC on the R12RT's is the same as on the older LT's and GT's, but there was a diagnostic procedure posted about those bikes. You might want to try it on your RT to see where the culprit microswitch is, if that is the issue.


With the igniton switch OFF, switch on the cruise control.Press and hold the SET button to the SET position and switch on the Ignition switch (LIGHT)


Release the SET button (LIGHT GOES OFF), move to RESET position (LIGHT)


Release the button (LIGHT OFF) switch OFF the cruise control switch (LIGHT)


Switch the cruise control switch back on (LIGHT OFF)


Close throttle. (LIGHT), release throttle. (LIGHT OFF) (Edit: Should this be "Open throttle"???)


Pull clutch lever (LIGHT),release clutch lever (LIGHT OFF)


Pull front brake lever, (LIGHT) release lever (LIGHT OFF)


Push foot brake pedal (LIGHT ON), hold for 5 seconds.(LIGHT SHOULD GO OFF), release foot brake pedal (LIGHT ON)


Rotate rear wheel (LIGHT SHOULD GO OFF/ON)


Switch off ignition.


Once again, this was the diagnostic for the system on older bikes. The system appears to be the same (externally, visually) on the R12's, but I don't know whether it actually has the same electronics, so this test may or may not work.



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Thanks for all the inputs. I'll check the brakes and try the other suggestions. I do not have the Nav system on the bike. If the brakes are OK, then I'll bring it to the dealer.

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Either of the brake light switches, the clutch switch, brake light bulb OR tail light bulb, will all keep the cruise from engaging.


But, '06 R1200RT = In warranty, so why not take it to the dealer and let them see what failure code it has stored?

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If the "set" light is still lit and the cruise is not working then something is wrong. If it were a brake or clutch sensor issue kicking it off the "set" light would turn off on the panel.

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