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Autocom vs Starcom


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John Bentall

Well Les,


It does depend on whether you are going to fit the gear yourself or whether you want some help.

Does your 1150RT have an integrated radio and do you have GPS, Bike-to-Bike etc and do you want to integrate an i-Pod.

As a committed, 100% satisfied Autocom user (who thinks Autocom rule) I should be sending you to Hursts BMW who are Autocom agents. I believe the Autocom active microphone system is superior in that it shuts off when not talking - but there is a lag and possible lost words when speaking.

However as a Dubliner you also have a competent Starcom agent who can help with complex installations. You can contact Tony (Bray Comms Ph: 01-2865471) and mention that Rob Syme sent you via me.

How's that for lack of bias!

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Thanks John


I think I'll go with the Autocom as its about half the cost of the starcom, I just need to figure out how to get line level out of my radio, I was't concerned about installation either way, cheers

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John Bentall

Les, it should not be necessary to figure that out. Autocom make a cable, part #1321, which takes a feed from the on-board speakers, adds a interference-reducing isolator and some "resistance" to reduce the current down to line level and then plugs into the Autocom.

I had this done successfully to my R1100RT which has basically the same radio.

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