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friday get out of work "training ride" (a couple of WIDE pics...)


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It is mandated by a local marine corps base instruction that units with active riders get together for monthly training rides and some group riding...yep, I even signed a training roster. It was about 80 degrees and crystal clear, we did a 70 mile loop from havelock, up to new bern, out to pollocksville, down to maysville, back to the coast and to morehead city before returning to havelock... one of the guys has this great old R80GS he brought over from Europe, I love that thing. A couple of pictures...

gotta love training! lineobikes.jpgwalts.jpg


a few of everything, two beemers, some harleys, a yami, a couple kawa's and a katana and a new Gixxer in there too, pretty sedate ride but a GORGEOUS day despite the yellow pollen haze on everything and my runny nose. thought I had the whole "big giant picture" thing figured out, oh well, back to the drawing board on that.

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