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4T Postscript


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Well, what can I say. Wonderful weekend indeed. I don't know if I'm more exhausted than everyone else, but I sure know I couldn't ride 800 miles like some of these folks do to get home!


We had 27 bikes and 31 people show up. John R. (Del Corso on the BBS) and his wife (of Indy) showed up first on Friday afternoon, and he foolishly asked what he could do to help. I gladly put him on fixing two plumbing issues in toilet bowls. That'll teach him to arrive early! Then Marty Mayer of NW Ohio shows up, and I put him to work, too, stuffing coolers with drinks and ice. Some people stayed in the house, some in hotels, and some in tents in the backyard. Marty was the first camper, so he got the good spot.






Folks kept trickling in, and though there were no plans, it was apparent that we were going to dinner somewhere! So we walked 4 blocks to a Mexican place, and a dozen of us got to know each other a bit, including my youngest son who still thinks I'm nuts. Marty had a funny story to tell. His 15 year old daughter was aghast that her Dad would ride that far to see some people he had "met on the internet." She warned him to turn around and come home right away if it didn't look safe!


Our last arrival was Kent (Pilgrim), all the way from DC, around 10pm. We swilled and smoked and lied 'til after midnight, and hit the sack. It was going to be an early day.


Those of us in the house got up just before six, and everybody had a job. Mitch did name tags, Shawn (Lone RT Rider) and Rainy did coffee, Steve Knapp began taking screws out of the tupperware, and Kenny Haynes made the requisite KK run for 6 dozen fresh ones.


We started promptly at 7:30a with the tech stuff. I started with tupperware, valves, and spark plugs. Then Knappy taught through oil/filter change, zero=zero theory, checking TPS voltage, gas tank remove and install of quick disconnects, and battery replacement. Then Pilgrim taught throttle body cleaning, injector replacement, swapping of GS tubes, and throttle body syncing. We did it with a TwinMax and a Morgan Carbtune. I'm pitchin' my Twinmax after that. And Chris K walked us through a fuel filter change with some excellent pictures. With one break, we finished up by 12:30 or so.




I'm sorry that I can't remember a few names, marked by [oops]. Left to right, [oops], Rainy (Shawn, LT Rider's SO), John Jones (local CPA and MSF instructur), Marty Mayer (green shirt, NW Ohio, retired GM), Bob Whittle (from Nashville, Kenny Haynes (by m/c, fixing the stuff we messed up).




Left to right, Chad Hargis (praying about our afternoon ride), Stephen Slisz (yeehaw!, all the way from Fort Worth), [oops], Warren Hartz (seated on the floor, from NW of Nashville), Chris K (Atlanta), Steve Knapp (red shirt, thinking how much better he could teach this stuff!), [oops], [oops]. I told you I was tired!




Left to right, [oops], Chad Hargis, Ron B (arms crossed), Warren Hartz (on floor), Stephen Slisz, [oops], and Tim Allen's neighbor.




Left to right, John R (Del Corso, toilet repair man, who also gave us a good walk through of throttle cables and the dreaded junction box), Ed Poche and his wife (Lexington) with the coolest black RT you ever saw, [oops], and Warren Hartz trying to hide.


All of this was done on Kenny Haynes' bike. Here he is cleaning a throttle body after he watched the other side done:




After not-quite-enough pizza, we saddled up. The ride was about 200 miles, but it was a real test of people's abilities. All but a short section was a mix of fast sweepers, tight jinky curves, quick changes in elevation. Everybody emerged unscathed and rode hard. Each bike had a route sheet, and we formed into natural groups based on riding preference. There was a pre-arranged stop every 50 miles or so, and the group formed back up. It was really a magical ride to me. I love those kinds of roads, and it was memorable all around.


At every stop I chatted briefly about "Riding Well," and then others chimed in with suggestions. I then asked them to practice on the next section. After one section Mitch stopped, yanked his helmet off, and muttered, "that's total bullshit." It was a ringing endorsement of my teaching! (That section was about using as little counter steering as possible--only what's necessary to make up for what you body weight can't do with neutral steering.)


I know I'm repeating myself here, but it's just hard to find words to describe how much fun that ride was. Pilgrim was my riding buddy (did I hear "Ponch" anyone?) He was like permanently stuck in my mirror like a bad picture with running lights. We had to slow a bit to make sure we could see through a few corners that were close to blind, but otherwise "enjoyed ourselves" a bit. I don't particularly enjoy speed on straights. To me they are just necessary evils to get to the next corner, which I can never get enough of. There's something about cornering that communicates with my soul. I had a new Metz 4 on the front and a new D220 on the rear, and they treated me well. Geez--we did some good riding. EVERYbody did some exhilarating riding. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but hopefully you all can post some group shots. Especially 25 RTs lined up at a gas station, and that great shot on Natchez Trace.


We pulled into my home at 6:30p, and the BBQ folks were all ready for us. I'd have loved to BBQ on our own, but riding is always more important to me than cookin! They had quite a spread, though, and people stuffed themselves without a word. I think they were hungry and tired.


We mingled in the driveway until late, and then talked some more until 11:30p and crashed.


Then 7 bikes rounded up again at 7a this morning for a more sedate romp through some beautiful parts of Tennessee, stopping for breakfast at an Awful House.


Then back to the house to pack and head out.


Everybody let me order them around to help, they were eager learners, very warm and friendly, and I've got to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thanks to all of you for coming. I want to plan a Smokies get together in the fall just for riding.


Here are more pictures.


Jake doing some work.


Marty Mayer and Chris K.


Shawn and Rainy.


Mitch No Bullshit Joe Frickin' Friday.


Sorry I was didn't get more, but others will post, I'm sure.

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Thanks again for a great time at 4T. After Dennis and I left the ride we hit it hard and made good time going home all the way to the Ohio river where I got a flat rear tire. A small cut from some road trash gave me a slow leaker that I was able to keep aired up to get me home.

It was a great to meet some of the people that have been there to help me out online when I've had problems or questions with the RT and I learned a lot that will help to keep me on the road safe and happy.


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Thanks for putting this weekend together. I believe all had a great time! I took the route you suggested home. Much better than the slab and added less than an hour.

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Kenny Haynes

What a treat this was. Thanks for being such a great host. The tech was fun, the ride was terrific, and the food was outstanding. I would like to have stayed last night, but the ride home was beautiful with a bright moon leading the way, and the bike humming along at illegal speeds, smoother than ever. I really enjoyed meeting everyone, and hope to meet again.

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Too sweet mang!!Just tooo farkin' sweet. I get all warm & fuzzy feelin' when I see what this site has accomplished over the years. It's sooooo cool to see folks hookin' up to learn, eat, ride & just share fellowship in general. Great job DB, you continue to do us so proud.


My only side note would be that there were waaaaay too many Opal "frickin" Blues & Aquamintys in attendance (and production laugh.gif ).


It kinda reminded me of this view at my own hut for Tech Daze Uno last Sept.



Seeing the goofy grin on MadCaps mug really makes me miss him & the Crew a bunch too. Soooo glad Gunny is right around the corner. wink.gifcool.gif

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As always, you are one very class act! Still a FastMoFo too but now you've got Pilgrim and a few others nearly keepin' up wit you!


Chad: You be doin' some pretty fast haulin' on that new GS of yours too. Way impressive!


I'm very disappointed to have missed out on the tech portion but the ride, food and most importantly, the gathering of a delightful bunch of people made for a marvelous time!


To all of you who were in attendance, it was a genuine honor and pleasure to have met each of you, ride and share some remarkably enjoyable time with.


Thanks to all of you for being there and especially to you David for hosting such an excellent event!

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I enjoyed meeting each and every one of you.


David, a hearty thanks for hosting a grand weekend.


Thanks All.

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John Ranalletta



Muchas gracias, senor! I'll be running a tech session on tank flapper and fill valve replacement.


The weekend was way more than I expected. You are a gracious host. The guys and gals present made it a memorable and educational event for Ruth and me....and who could top cheesy eggs, raisin toast and grits at the Awful House.

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Yeeha! Stephen

Checking in!


Stephen is back in the Heart of Texas, safe and sound. Rolled in at 6:22 pm Central.


David , Had a great time. What a wonderful home you have and thanks for letting me (us) visit for the weekend. I'm sooooo jealous of you folks that have such super riding areas right in your own back yard. Especially that last little bit of the Natchez Trace that had the 50mph speed limit suspended just for us. Well... that's what we heard back there about mid-pack. The front runners arranged to have it doubled!!!!


I took a few photos, but I'm still shooting film so it will take a little while to get them developed. Post em' when I get em'.


I can help you with one of the "oops-es". The guy in the dark shirt, arms folded, standing to my left as I'm seated, is another Texas Pie Town Crew member, from the Dallas area, Eric Rullan.


Eric and I high-tailed it back to DFW this morning about 7. Good quick trip, averaged 63 mph with gas stops and breakfast at Mickey D's and only saw 2 Leos, both in Tenn.


For those who asked and I didn't know... I now know it's 720 miles from the Holiday Inn to my drive in Bedford Tx. My total for the entire trip was 1790 mi. and I averaged 44.5 mpg. Strange thing though- My lows were the time I was stuck in construction traffic, and 2 of my 3 highs were from when we were boogie-ing through the back woods. Weird huh?


Any-hoo, it was fun and can't wait till Gunnison, were it should be 4 to 5 times the people and fun!!!


Let's hear some YEEHAS! out there!!!


I'm tired now. Miss Vicki is tucking me in... Night -Night Ya'll!


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Jake and I left his place Friday morning. It was hot. We enjoyed a ride along the Kankakee (sp?) River between two bits of slab. Then slab slab slab. Then the land between the lakes (wonderful!), more slab. Lost on the slab in Nashville (wunder-GPS)...


I'm at a loss of words for what happened inbetween. It was a great time. Everything was just...great. Good people, good times, good riding. I'll post the picts when I get them (chemical film).


The ride back was hot, and all slab... Also not uneventful. Jake's wife, Paula/Peanut fell this morning and badly broke her ankle. FYI, he's going to be busy.


Thanks again David!

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marty mayer

David just wanted to say thank you again. what a great host.

great host

great weather

great roads

great group of people

great info

all centered around a great bike with a great website devoted to it.

thanks David

Marty Mayer


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Thanks for letting me and my GS crash your RT party. The poor GS looked like a turd in the punch bowl around all those beautiful RTs and one KRS! smile.gif I enjoyed myself a great deal. David was truly a gracious host, and hopefully Pilgrim won't have to send "Guido" down to collect from anyone who didn't ante up to help the host.


It was great to meet all you guys (and ladys). Hopefully one day I'll have a job that will give me enough vacation that I can make an BMWMOA rally, a Gunnison, or other event requiring travel. Right now I just fortunate to have David living 3 miles from me.


I can't describe how much fun I had. I really gave the bike a good workout (and myself too!). I still can't keep up with David...but at least now I know not to try. Riding within my limits was considerably more fun than trying to hang with the big boys. I knew I had no chance at staying with David, Pilgrim, and the road race crew when David revealed his Max speed from his GPS was 117mph! Guys and gals...these were some challenging roads...117mph is superhuman (at least on an RT!).


I'm glad everyone made it back home safe. It was a blast!



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What a great time! David, thanks for throwing this together and opening up your home to us. It was a real pleasure meeting everyone.


As Yeeha Steve mentioned, I am the [oops] in the dark blue shirt. The ride back to the Dallas area was all slab and pretty uneventful.



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David, Thank you for arranging such a fun and informative weekend. One can't get much luckier than I am to have such an event so early in my RT experience. Amy [oops] and I were having such a good time learning, looking, talking and tasting to pay much attention to taking photos, but, the few times I let the Olympus out of the BIG MAK, here's what he saw:




Extra special thanks to each and every instructor (when Pilgrim said things like "it's an electronic represenatation of a mechanical condition" it impressed this bean counter, and I knew we were being trained by some folks who knew their stuff!) AND to Shawn and Rainy who were always following close behind or looking over their shoulders to make sure our rubber side was still down. And it was!





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Yeeha! Stephen

Bill says:


"AND to Shawn and Rainy who were always following close behind or looking over their shoulders to make sure our rubber side was still down. And it was!"


Stephen says:


I rode behind you for a while, just poking along looking at the scenery, and I thought you were doing just fine. Just remember to not get "spooked" by any situations and ride the pace you want to. Don't worry about anyone else, if they want, they'll go around. Or they'll stay back there with me for a while and enjoy the country side.


Heard Amy say something about "ya'll" missing Gunnison. If you've got the time, you ought to go!

It's the first one and there's only one first. And besides, I'll have Miss Vicki with me 2-up and I'll need someone to hang back with me this time. I think Ms.Vicki would really like Amy...and Ruth too for that matter. I think she'll show them-"Why have a hamburger when you can eat pie!"







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Stephen, my sincerest apologies for not including you in the extra thanks section. You were back there too warding off disaster with those cool Texas flags on your fairing and your ubiquitous pie-eatin grin!

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Well, my turn to chime in....


We made it back safe and soundto Mitches place at noon today (Monday, June 24th). We took off from Davids at around 11 Tenn time and rode till we got just north of Cincinatti. We found a nice Hotel with a pool and called it a night. We left out again about 8 am the next day and rode for a couple of hours before the heat set in again. By the time we made it to Ann Arbor it was a wonderful 92 degrees. I thought it was supposed to get cooler as we went north? Why is it that I reside in Michigan again? Oh yes....the job thing....*sigh*.


David, we cannot say enough about your hospitality and the great event that you put together. You always have a place to stay here in the Detroit metro area.


Steve, Jake and Ron: Mitch and I look forward to seeing you and the rest of the Chi town crew when we pick Rainy's new bike up this weekend. She is already frothing at the mouth with the thought of it residing in our garage. The area that we are going to pick up the bike in is Westmount, IL. Shoot me an email and we can firm up the rest of the plans.


To the Poches': There is no need to thank us. We had the best time plugging along back there. For someone that just picked up his bike not that long ago you are comming along great! Just keep at it and ride as much and as long as you can.


To the rest of the crew...


We have to thank you for making our first BMWRT.com event such a great one. The only thing that I cannot figure out is why after 2.5 years of surfing this sight it took me so long to get here. You guys have a great time at Gunnison! May be the next time you have such and event I will have a tad more vacation time.


Ride safe.....Ride often...


Shawn and Rainy

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Warren Hartz

What a blast Saturday was. I bet that city cop in Centerville is still wondering which green RT he should give the ticket to. He sure looked confused when he saw about a dozen lined up at the curb after blasting into town. The next time I follow Joe Friday in 90 degree heat I am going to slip about a 30' lenght of tubing onto his camel back jug and take a swig on the straight aways and let him pull me through the curves. This weekend has got to be one of the best short unrallys I have ever been on. Great planning and execution on the part of David and everyone seemed to get along great. Thanks David, lets do it again sometime.

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Well since I will be a BMW R1100R owner by the end of the week, I decided to join the group and put in my two cents worth.


I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and meeting all of you.


Saturday's Tech Stuff was very informative. I walked away with a greater understanding of what these motorcycles are all about and looking forward to what I will have to do to maintain my R1100R!


Saturday's ride left me holding on for dear life in the begining (which is always fun) but as we moved to the back of the group, I was able just relax and take in the beautiful scenery.


David, you were a wonderful host! Thanks for putting everything together for all of us and for sharing your wonderful home. The food was great, the yard (tenting it) was cool, and the showers were even better! HA HA HA


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OK - my turn.


I'm here to tell you that David Baker is a terrific host. The gathering was great, and he had everything planned and set up to a fault. From tools, to preprinted route maps, to a catered BBQ supper, it was all there. He wasn't even going to bring up the subject of reimbursement, so I did it for him. I betcha he came up short, too. There was even a place for everyone to sleep who wanted to.


On the road, though, he is the devil's spawn who will lead you into motorating sin. Mr. Baker insists without saying a word that a road is there to be consumed, worn out, and used up at a single pass. He led me and others into evil ways, causing high speeds and exaggerated lean angles such as neither I nor my ride are accustomed to.


You'll note that in his post he disingenuously says that he is not a fan of high speed, but loves curves. From that you might infer that he eschews extralegal velocities, preferring more of a "Sunday drive" approach, drifting softly past sunlit meadows, soaking it all in. That would be a totally unwarranted inference. He leaves behind a cloud of dust and leaves and roadkill remains, startled livestock, frightened woodland creatures, and stunned drinkers of lemonade on front porches.


What he does is use everything he has to get from one of his beloved curves to the next. And going into them I, trying manfully to keep up, am praying "Oh God, I hope he brakes, 'cause I'm just gonna hate going around this thing this fast." Be warned - David does not believe in brakes.


Which is a funny thing, considering what he does believe in. He honestly thinks that you can take a bike around a curve at high speed just by a subtle shift of body weight. EVERYBODY, including Mitch, knows that you have to countersteer. But it works for David, so if you can get that same juju to work for you, well it doesn't matter what you call it, 'cause it sure makes you fast.


Was it fun? Damn right! It was so much fun that I had to ride all the way back to D.C. at 35mph just to bring my pulse back down. And I'll do it again as soon as possible.


Thank you, David.



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Joe Frickin' Friday



Thanks for a trulyincredible weekend. Shawn/Rainy and I originally planned our trip around the Honda Hoot, and decided to work this in as an extra treat. Frankly, the 4T was the highlight of the trip for me. The group rides were really special; being part of a parade of 30 RT's felt fantastic, in a way that no other club or group ride has, and the riding itself was awesome. I am envious of the fantastic roads that are your playground!


I am also grateful for the opportunity to have finally met face-to-face with some of the other denizens of this board. I really enjoyed hanging out with all of you. This whole thing has really whetted my appetite for Gunnison! I'm looking forward to seeing many of you again, and meeting a whole flock of new faces as well.


As Shawn noted, we arrived back in Ann Arbor around noon today (Monday) without incident. As soon as my engine cooled I started taking drastic steps to cure my knock problem once and for all. Next time we ride together, Dave, my bike will be up to the task. And that's no bullshit. wink.gifcrazy.gif


OK, now it's way past my bedtime. I've got digital pics from the trip, but I will post them tomorrow.

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Here are some photo's from the event


Rainy, Shawn & Steve


A Bunch-O-RTs


Marty(in back)Shawn, Ron, Bill, Mitch, Chris, ?, David, myself.


The group on the Trace


John R. & his Wife & The Poche's at the bridge


On The Bridge


Part of the group at Puckett's


I really enloyed it all. I learned a lot of stuff regarding maintaining and riding my motorcycle. I look forward to meeting up with all of you somewhere down the road.

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Pilgrim: I couldn't have said it better. Now you can understand why I got into so much trouble on the Skyway! It cost me a few weeks of pain and a few thousand bucks to understand that I can't keep up with David. I'm never going to try again. Learned my lesson for sure! I think that guy made a deal with the Devil. "Satan, please make sure all my curves are clear of debris, roadkill, dump trucks, tractors, and such and you may have my soul." That sort of thing! smile.gif He's a delight to watch ride (for as long as you can keep him in sight) and a hell of a guy. Thanks again David!



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I am so jealous!!! We were planning on being there for the ride on Sunday. We left Seveirville, TN at 4:20am and got to David's at 8:08. Geez, you guys don't wait for no one! Since we missed you and David's son had no idea what direction you went in, we decided to start our trek back to Austin. Wish I could have met you folks but I guess that'll have to wait until Gunnison.

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OMG I am so sorry. I mentioned to David at least a couple of times that we had seen you at the Honda Hoot. And when David decided to reschedule the ride from 8 to 7 am I completely forgot that you had planned to be there at 8 am. We are not going to Gunnison due to limited vacation time but if we see you down the road someday we definitely owe you a beer. Sorry my friend...I could have prevented the misunderstanding.



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You all left at 7? that would explain why we didn't see any RT's on the road...I thought I would have at least passed you somewhere as the times were so close. Oh well, maybe next time. It was good meeting you, Shawn, and your other half. Glad to hear you all made it back alright. I'm sure we'll run into each other again.

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Thanks to all of again for coming, and I've enjoyed the pictures you've posted. I hope we get to see some more! My favorite was Steve Yeeha coming across that bridge no handed. Don't you think that would make a great avatar?




Again, I just have to say how much I appreciated so many of you cleaning up, doing Jonathan's laundry because it was in the laundry room, organzing my tools again, throwing money on the back table, being thoughtful guests, and taking the lead (like Pilgrim on the donation thing).


Three other things I forgot. First, wasn't that demo from Kenny great? For the first time I saw someone put it on the center stand without getting off. I'd read about it, but I couldn't make it work. Second, watch the BBS two get togethers. One in southern KY and one in the Smokies. Third, I somehow forgot to post this picture of Chris Long (catattoo) taken during the tech portion.



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That's incredible! He's riding no handed, and the bike isn't shooting off the right side of the bridge (a VERY long drop for those who've never seen it). smile.gif


Two more get togethers?!? When, where? Can hooligan GS riders crash the party?

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Yeeha! Stephen

A few more 4T photos.

Look under "4T"




My photog skills are lacking and many of my shots didn't come out. Forgot to use the fill flash or adjust exposure in the garage and all those shots were way too dark to post. Sorry guys. Guess I need to go digital so I can preview my shots.


Also... If you look under "Ski Shores Cafe", there are a few shots of our ride to Austin for lunch with Michael/Lyn Cortes and Polo/Karla. One of the shots, you can see Michael's new "Yellow" paint scheme! Hard to miss in a traffic jam!

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As a new owner of an RT1100RTL (96,under a month) I'm scavenging for info. First trip I took was to Gnashville for the summer NAMM session (offically) and to do as much of the trace as possible (real reason).


I had a puncture after being directed off the Trace to avoid the bicycling championships. As I was a COMPLEATLY new owner at that point the good folks @ Bloodworths informed me of the patch kit under the seat which enabled me to make it back to them for a shiny new Metzler.


I definitley could use another excuse to get further down that road and the seminars sound like what the docktor is ordering.


Looks like you folks had a great time.


Give me another reason to get outta Knoxville and eat at Las Americas on Nolensville Pk.


Holler back


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Howdy, Phil. We've got lots of reasons for you to head back this way. Most of them about about 20 feet wide with a double yellow strip down the middle!


Hollar next time you are in the neighborhood, though you've got some pretty good rides over there, too. Kenny Haynes had the "victim bike" for our romp down technical lane, and he lives near you.

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