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Michelin Pilot Road Issues


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Thought I'd share this with all of you who have the Michelin Pilot Roads on 06's 1200 RT's. After only 7 months and 3800 miles I happened to notice hairline cracks around the rim of the front tire. Called up my BMW dealer in Salt Lake City and basically, they said, "fung you". Called up R & R in Salt Lake and they were great. Jeff Thurman made 2 calls to the Michelin distributor and the distributor actually said, "wouldn't be a front tire on the 1200 RT would it?" It seems they had a batch of fronts tires that did not cure well and they're having some problems with cracking on these tires. If you haven't taken a closer look, you might want to. The distributor was great and gave Jeff an RA number to return it to them. Basically, I took the tire off, brought it down and Jeff and his crew, installed my new tire and balanced it for $5.53. Great service and you know where I'll be going for all my service needs.

I would recommend all of you who have these tires to take a closer look at your tires.


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Thanks for the heads up Bruce I have an 07, 3 months old with 4,500 miles on it I'm going out right now and check it.


Thanks again Bruce.

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I was about to order my three sets of tires for the year, but maybe I'll hold off until we hear more about this. I'd sure hate to end up with three bad front tires.

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Any chance you could post a picture of these cracks? Not quite sure what I should be looking for. Pretty obvious "cracks" or some sort of minute thing that is easily overlooked??


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Unfortunately, the shop was required to take the tire from me and send it back to the distributor as part of the exchange for a new tire.

As you roll the front tire, look about 3/8ths of an inch above the tire rim and in my case, the cracks were about 6 inches long. They couldn't be more than the width of a calling card. I almost missed them until I looked at them in broad daylight. I don't think this affects everyone who has an RT. Just a particular batch of tires that were mounted to new bikes around the spring and summer of 06. I couldn't tell you how many tires were affected.

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