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Pillion packing...


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An advantage to hard topcases is that they can be locked securely.

This provides additional storage and peace of mind.

I rarely have an issue with handling using a GIVI 52L topcase. Then it is wind related and don't know that it would be different, or very much so, w/out it.

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John Bentall

I agree with you Tim.

I do indeed have a topbox as well for my laptop etc.

....but every time I lifted that heavy thing off the bike to clean it, I wondered how much more I would enjoy the ride with a soft tailpack.

Comparatively harmless pleasure, I would say.

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Gerald, where is Motor Sports World?


I'll assume up in Ottawa, can they order Touratech seats?


Do you have any contact info?






PS. GO Leafs GO!! We need all the help we can get!

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Yes, I bought the Touratech tail pack May last year.


I can do no more than quote the email I sent Touratech after receiving the item:




It fits onto the tail of the RT1200RT beautifully and looks very nice indeed, complementing the BMW tank bag.


However, I wonder if you have sent me the correct item, as it differs considerably from the description given on your website, and indeed on the catalogue you kindly included with the delivery?




Size: given as 20 litres, but on measurement, even being generous, this one is no more than 16 litres. This difference of 20% is significant.


“Can be used as a shoulder bag using the straps supplied”: there are no straps beyond the ones attached to the bag itself. Not sure how these straps might be used to work as a carry strap, so perhaps there is something missing from the delivery? There is one plastic D-ring only, at the back of the bag where your swing-tickets are attached, which presumably is there to serve some purpose?


“Small additional bag can also be stowed on the elastic luggage net on the top”: there is no elastic net on this one. (And whether the description implies that the small additional bag itself should be included within the deal, is not clear, maybe, maybe not. I could take it either way, so this is not an issue. I merely point that out just in case something else is missing.)


I look forward to your comments.




YOU WOULD have thought that after all that they would amend their website entry. But no, the mis-description remains nearly a year later. Clearly no-one gives a stuff.


I have to say that dealing with Touratech on this transaction was a complete nightmare for a variety of reasons. Including extremely slow deliveries, lousy communication.


My view was that the UK distributor was working with both arms tied behind his back due to the Germans' utter lack of any recognisable organisation, and that any thoughts we might harbour about German efficiency have not visited Touratech head office.


My thoughts regarding Touratech on admittedly this one occasion is that they could not successfully organise a bierfest in a brewery.


So my friends, my advice is, approach any transaction regarding their luggage with extreme caution. Things ain't always what they seem.


Oh, the bag itself is nice enough, they sent me somes staps, but I don't use it that much, cos it doesn't hold much more than a pack of sandwiches.


Ho hum.

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Thanks all...I had heard a couple of negative reports before regarding the Touratec gang and hence my queries. The K1200R sports bag looks like it might be worth looking into.


I know I am one of those rare sensitive types that is annoyed by the lack of stability acerbated by use of the LARGE top case when riding solo and encountering windy and/or turbulent conditions, but since I have not been able to test the new Avon Storms presently wrapped around the front and rear hoops in the hope that THEY will help relieve the condition, I am continuing to look for other solutions before giving up and accepting the bike is a 'wanderer' in dirty air, especially with all 3 cases on the bike.


Hope springs eternal, and I eternally hope for spring clap.giftongue.gifclap.gif

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