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Z-teknic V-Stream WIndshield


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Based on the praises I've seen herein, I bought one to replace my cracked Aeroflow. After 30 miles today, I've decided it's not for me. I prefer the Aeroflow, so as soon as my new Aeroflow replacement arrives, I'll be selling the Z-teknic. New, it was $180 - I'll sell for $155.00 including shipping in the US. It's brand new - only 30 miles! tongue.gif

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Sorry you didn't like it Moshe, I love mine. Can you tell us what you don't like?



You shouldn't have any trouble selling it, put it in the Classifieds.

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How did the shields compare? I have an Aeroflow which I use most of the year. My only wish is that it was about two inches taller. I have a #2 Cee Bailey +3 1/2" Euro cut that is my hot weather shield. Just does not have the quietness and coverage of the Aeroflow, puts a lot more air on arms.

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My commute is on the NJTP, which is notoriously windy. Not just headwinds, but cross winds as well. I can see how someone with a stock shield would love the Z, but after 20k with the Aeroflow, I grew used to its all encompassing protection. The Z is a smaller shield - likely wonderful in the summer, but I'm leaving the house in sub freezing temps, and need maximum coverage.




PS - The quality is excellent. The material is very thick, and the countours and finish are beautiful.

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