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USA Four Corners Saga - Days 4 thru 10 - 3 Corners Complete


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Ok, Ok, I stayed home for a few days and got caught up with the Honey do this and this. Plus, I think retirement is going to end early.


Day 4 Mon April 22 Changed route from Fort Stockton,Tx to Midland, Tx. I wanted to see the CFA Air Museum. Point to remember when heading east. Remember to set watch for time zones. Got to Midland and it was 2:30 by my watch as I rode up to the Museum. Was planning to visit, and move on further across Texas prior to bedding down for the night. Wrong, it was 4:30 and they closed at 5. Well stayed the night at the Motel 6 in Midland. Ah, worst place I stayed during the whole trip. I think it was built when it was only $6 to stay at a motel 6. 559 miles traveled


Day 5 Tue April 23 - Started the day off by visiting the CFA Air Museum. If you are interested in WWII history you will love the Bomber Nose Art Collection they have on display. It was worth staying over in the old crappy motel6 to see it. Off to Katy Tx to Stay with Arch. Went through some foothills North of San Antonio and rode on the special highway that Past President Johnson had made so it was easier for him to get to his house. Gotta love the way politicians spend our money. Was about 4 days early on the wild flowers, but am sure it would be very beautiful when they are in full bloom. Any way, went through Austin on to Katy to stay at Arch’s. Was that a treat. You bet. Met Gunner and Neely the dogs and Arches significant other Julie. Everyone should have a custom shop with 8 or 9 bikes to chose from for riding as well as a collector’s Ducati in their living room. Was treated great and we had a wonderful meal at one of the local TexMex restaurant in Katy. Dick, had the bacon wrapped shrimp as I had in Tehachapi, CA. The wrapped shrimp were better than those in Tehachapi but the overall meal presentation was better in Calif. Thanks for the great hospitality Arch. I must say it again, It is great the way the board members gave their time and opened their homes to me. It was especially great since, we talked motorcycles everywhere I stayed. 544 miles traveled. PS I have something about a Poo Bear in my notes. Help me out here Arch


Day 6 Wed April 24- Left Arch’s and headed for Baton Rouge to met up with Al for lunch. We met at the Baton Rouge BMW shop where I spent a few dollars. Al treated me to Cajun meal of Crayfish for a late lunch. Was an hour late do to the old time zone switch. Now I could make a steady diet of seasoned Cajun crayfish. Shared some stories about Crawdads(West Coast Name for Crayfish when we use to catch them when I was a kid. Continued on to Mobile. Note I don’t think I saw a single mosquito as I went through La, MS and Al. Who would believe that. 500 miles traveled.


Day 7 Thr April 25 - Head toward Lakeland Fl – Stopped in Pensacola to visit the Navy/Marine Nat. Air Museum. Another must see air museum. It had almost every aircraft on display that the navy and marines have had since the beginning of air flight. Also met another RT rider while I was there. Lost paper with his name on it. Well, as result of this unscheduled stop at the museum, I got a little behind schedule so I decided to go to Jacksonville and stay with my old neighbor who also has a dog.


I saw a lot of old tire carcass all the way across the US on I-10. Not a good idea to ride near a semi while on the road based the tire debris on the side of the freeway. Traveled 480 miles. Total of 4110 over the last 7 days.


Day 8 Fri April 26 - Left Jacksonville and headed to Lakeland Fl to attend the Top Gun Scale Radio Control Model Meet. For me as well as any Radio control model junkie, it was a real treat to see the beautiful museum quality aircraft that were flown at this meet.


It was a boring ride. In fact, may as well get this off my chest now. Sorry Fl. Riders, but riding in Florida is really sucks. If there is a curve in a road other than the on ramp to a freeway, I would sure have liked to have found it. More power to those of you who ride there. Only 233 miles traveled today


Day 9 Sat April 27th - Headed for Corals Gable via Alligator Alley. Went along highway 19 from the Fort Myers area through Naples. Was trying to get a little flavor for the Gulf. Was that a mistake. Very crowded along the beach areas. Along with the old F**Ts that shouldn't be driving a car and almost every driver having a Cell phone stuck in their ears it real added to my bad attitude about riding in Florida. You know where I wanted to stick those phones. Ah, forget that, lets think positive. Visited Everglades City and a very nice Artist Museum along Hy 41. The weather was very pleasant and the parts of the Everglades that I visited were very pretty. However, even though there was water everywhere, the everglades appeared to be very dry in the area I traveled. I stayed with Bob and Judy in Corals Gable He is an RT rider and they have a dog named Annie. They were great hosts and Judy prepared a wonderful Cuban seafood dish that I will never forget. Their hospitality made the trip in the Miami and to Key West more acceptable. It would have been a boring grind without having the opportunity to visit with them and other Fl riders on Sunday. PS -Bob goes up into the GA and NC hills to get some interesting riding. 313 miles traveled.


Day10 Sun April 28th Coral Gable to Key West and return. Thanks to the hospitality provided by Bob and Judy. Where can you go that you come out to clean your bike and it is being done for you by your host. I was able to ride to Key West making Corner number three and return to stay another night with Bob and Judy. Have the extra day also gave me an opportunity to go riding on Sunday morning with the local Miami riders. This opportunity allowed me to see some interesting country I would have missed. Spent 2 hours of straight line riding, stop. Right or Left Turn and ride in a straight line. Anyway we got to Key Largo and had brunch. Met some more very nice Fl riders. They probably don’t think much of me after complaining about the quality of riding in Florida. From Key Largo, I did the ride to Key West, logged in the third Corner and returned to Coral Gable. The speed limit max was 55 and strictly enforced. However, it was Sunday and the return was an average of 30 or 40 miles an hour from Key West to Miami. Poor timing on my part but sometimes you don’t have a choice. 359 miles Traveled. Total of 5015 miles over the last 10 days.



More to come later as I move off to GA, NC and head toward ME.




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Mighty nice of ya to say those things Allen. Stop back by any old time! As for the "Pooh" mentioned in your notes, just click on the attachment link to the left and she'll be the one on the right... smile.gif


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Kewl report !


What an experience to see so much of our great country from the "RT point of view" ... and, wow, where woud a person find so many open doors and warm hospitality* aside from the BMWRT community ...


*ha, ha - sorry mine was just a lumpy 20 YO living room couch, there is at least an air bed available to guests now wink.giflaugh.gifwink.gif

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