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Texas Hill Country tale....long version


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Part One


After months of planning and waiting, the first annual Hill Country Ride kicked off as I watched Eric Rullan roll into the designated meeting spot, a church parking lot right off FM 1431 in Round Rock. Eric got up 3 hours earlier in Plano, Texas and rode down to join me and the Tennessee bunch for breakfast in Marble Falls. Shortly after Eric’s arrival, David Baker, David Bearden and Bill Hawkins rolled up and after a few hellos and how are ya’s we were off for MF.


FM 1431 is becoming a heavily used road and sure enough as it narrowed down from four lanes to two we were stuck behind a slow moving vehicle. Within a few seconds David let me know that I didn’t need to worry about them and passing would be perfectly acceptable, so off we went passing cars over the next 20 miles, with the standard “clear”, “still clear” to get us all around the traffic safely.


It was overcast and misting and drizzling lightly so I was automatically picking my lines around the tar puddles that form during the heat of the summer. In the cooler months they are hard and smooth and slicker than goose crap when they are wet. I warned the group about the cattle guards, but completely forgot about the tar puddle warning until David Bearden asked if they are slick. Oops, uh, yes they are! David Baker would learn how slick later that day.


We stopped for about an hour in Marble Falls to have breakfast at the Blue Bonnet Café, but were soon on our way down 281. Al Schibi had called me earlier and said he and Howard would wait for the Tennessee bunch in Fredericksburg and join them on their ride from there.


On the way to Fredericksburg I took the group out on the Willow City Loop, which is a slow speed, paved cattle trail with numerous low water crossings and some beautiful views that are pure Texas Hill Country. Despite being off peak, the Willow City Loop wildflowers were the best of the weekend, and the slow speeds allowed for some long glances to the side of the road….long glances to the side of the road would not be the norm later that day or at all on Saturday.


Forty minutes later we were nearing Fredericksburg and we heard a strange voice over the radio. It was Al, and he guided us down 290 where we found him along with Stephen and Howard. After a quick pit stop Eric and I waved the group off as they headed out for the rest of their 330 mile warm-up.


Eric and I checked into the Hampton, took care of a few chores, said hello to PJ and Steve and then saddled up and headed for the Love Creek Orchard in Medina for lunch and some excellent apple pie. Love Creek has some of the best apple pie on the earth, so good that I ate my pie before my burger arrived. They have this stuff they call cider sauce. It’s a warm concoction of brown sugar and lord knows what else, that you can pour over the top of your warm apple pie……just heaven.


I wanted to be back to the Hampton by 4:00, so Eric and I made the best of the next 3 hours and headed south to 470, then west to Leakey and the east on 337 back to Medina and the trip north to Kerrville. I had been pretty keyed up most of the week dealing with work related issues and some last minute Hill Country planning. I finally felt myself completely relax and let go as Eric and I were heading west on FM 470. There we were, blasting along at warp speed and I finally felt just right. I even called back to Eric on the radio at how ironic it was to be relaxed doing something that would have so many other non-riders terrified. We are a different breed, aren’t we?


As we crested the hill into the Hampton parking lot we spotted about 20 bikes that weren’t there 4 hours earlier when we headed out for some pie. It was 4 o’clock and folks began to arrive in small groups. I was hardly off my bike and had my helmet off when RD from Oklahoma greeted me with a nice cold beer and a big smile. This was going to be a fun weekend.


The evening was filled with arrivals from several different states all pleased to be there; seeing their old friends and meeting others that they’ve only know through the DB. It always amazes me how well all ages, beliefs, and backgrounds blend so well around our love of riding.


The highlight of my evening was seeing my Austin buddy SWMckinley roll in on his Aprilia Futura. Steve, Polo and Michael Cortes put up with me during my first season as a born again rider. They would always wait-up for me and would hardly ever make fun of me….hardly. Steve and I shared a cigar mingled with the crowd and giving everyone a warm Texas greeting.


Part Two is on the way…..



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Get off your ass and get part two together! smile.gif


And what jacket size do you wear? Are the gloves spoken for? grin.gif

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