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Autocom Power


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I'm finally attaching my automcom to the bike's power. (Tired of buying 9V batteries.)


The directions recommend attaching the power to the fuse panel (fuse 4) and run the negative directly to the battery.


How have people attached it to the fuse panel?

Do I need to remove the fuse panel?


Is there really an issue with simply getting power from the tail-light?

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Ted, try this. Connect the negative to the battery. That's the only place the negative should go.


Now strip about 1/2" of the positive lead. Don't twist the bare wires, but rather flatten and smooth them. Now remove Fuse #4 from the fuse socket. Place the bare wires into the output side of the fuse socket and then reinsert the fuse. This will pinch the wires between the fuse and the fuse socket. Check carefully with a flashlight to make sure that the wires are only in contact with the output side of the fuse.


Everything should work fine.

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Get an "Add-a-Circuit" aka "Add-a-Tap" from your local auto parts store. Allows you to piggyback an additional fused circuit onto an existing one. Great little device for something like this.



BTW, echoing the other comment, ground for an intercom should always be directly to the battery to avoid ground loop noise issues.

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