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BMW Fender Emblem


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I recently spotted an R1100RT out on the road with a BMW emblem on the back fender just below the license plate. It looks like this is a metal emblem that is screwed in place directly on the fender. I must have one of these!!! I have looked everywhere and have not been able to find one. Does anyone know where I can purchase one of these? confused.gif

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Yep, I bought mine online from BMW Santa Cruz back in the middle of '05. It looks much better than the two original empty holes that were in the fender. I think I read somewhere the holes were for a european license plate (but don't quote me on that).

Good luck!

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I just happened to have Bob's BMW catalog(1-800-269-2627) next to me and they carry them also.... no affileation, just have used them with good results.

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the holes were for a european license plate


Yup. Some of our European brethren have HUMONGOUS tags on the back of their bikes.

Makes putting on a fender elimination kit on the back of your sport bike kind of difficut.


I hear on the Brits bikes it's often times not necessary to use much brake as the giant tag has so much wind resistance. Kinda like a parachute. lmao.gif

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See http://www.mklsportster.com/r1150r/r1150rlogo.jpg THis is an example, as there are a few types of logos available. The picture shows 0-51-14-2-328-269 3D BMW Roundel Emblem installed on Bob's Fender Logo Plate, on my GF's 2004 R1150R.





This is exactly what I am looking for, is this the part number that you have listed and where did you purchase it? thumbsup.gif

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I put the same thing on all three of my bikes. I bought the stainles steel backing plates from Bob's BMW along with the same sized tank badges. Later, I found out the BMW of Santa Cruz sells the backing plate made of plastic. You can fashion your own with some replacement tank badges and a couple of slices of hard nylon round stock. Your local plastics supplier carries the stuff in various circumferences and can cut you a few disks. They will be white, but who can tell behind the badge right?

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From the BMW Santa Cruz booth at the rally in Vermont this past July.


Looks great on the bike, nice quality.


It's on their website, you can buy on-line.

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