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Pics from the Hill Ride


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Nice pictures, Ralph! I didn't see most of that stuff--either we took different routes or I wasn't watching! grin.gif

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Thanks for taking and posting some pictures. I didn't pull my camera out at all with the exception of taking some shots of the GS. It was all about riding and riding with a few stops to take on some gas. Heck the only pie I had was with Eric on Friday on our way through Medina.


Hope to see you down here again real soon.

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Thanks for the pics, Ralph! Nice to meet you and I'm waiting for the "Ride Tale" explaining that #50, as well! eek.gif

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Shawnee Bill
That is a pic borrowed from another sight just for fun. I was showing another buddy & needed a link to post it.




Stick to that story!

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Dave I hope to ride with you again in the near future.


It's amazing how much of an inconvenience it seems when you stop to take pictures but after the ride you wonder why you didn't take more. I guess when your riding it's all about the ride. Although it's nice to be able to look back at pictures and see where you were and show others what they missed.

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Thx Ralph for sharing. I can see you guys have the same fun as we have over here when we go riding. Same spirit, different scenery. Keep it safe.

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