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Grip puppys


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On my 07 R12Rt, I lubed the inside with soapy water and just worked them on bit by bit--took about 5 mins per grip. Push a little, then pull a little--the progress is slow but it works--keep your fingers dry. Note: I ordered the large puppies--I doubt the smaller ones would work that way.

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I used an air compressor to inflate the grip puppies, so they'd slide right over the grips. Same trick I've used for removing grips on various bikes.

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Somebody was talking awhile back about using compressed air to blow them bigger as you work them on. Basically squeezing the end closed around an air nozzle. I've never tried it that way (but I'm going to), but it's an interesting idea.

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Jerry Johnston

The air compressor has always worked fo me. It gets the grip about 3/4ths on making the rest easy. I learned it trick from a bicycle shop in 96, so apparently a lot of shops use air to get them on. And you do have to cup your hand around the following edge of the grip to help the grip balloon out.

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