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Tour Master Cold Front Carbon Gloves (update)


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I bought a pair of these back in October/November, but it took till last month for me to finally recieve them (everyplace had them backordered). Anyway.....they made their maiden voyage this morning and I couldn't be happier. I left for work this morning (57 mile ride) at about 5:40am, with the temperature sitting at 27 degrees. The first five minutes were a little chilly until the heated grips got up to temps, but after that it was smooth sailing. They are a little stiff, but I'm sure that will change with use. I could feel the heat of the grips, but the gloves break the wind very well. They are supposed to be waterproof also, but I'm not looking to intentionaly test that. Either way, I will give them a big thumbsup.gif


For what its worth, I was also wearing the Tourmaster Silk linings under the gloves.

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