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Corbin heated seats WILL work with stock controls...


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A friendly gent in Corbin's tech department e-mailed me yesterday that, as of about 1 month from now, they will begin installing BMW-compatible heating elements in their heated seats for the RT & GT. No more hard-wiring to the battery. Keyed shut off and hand grip control of the front seat from then on. He did not say whether or not their connectors would be BMW-compatible. I know with Sargent's BMW-compatible heated seats you have to change connectors.


Please forgive the next item if you're already aware...Russell answered my e-mail today, stating that they would be only too happy to reuse/retain my stock heating elements when converting my seats to a Day-Long setup. I wonder, though, if the BMW elements are really large enough to cover the seating area of a Day-Long...if not, would it feel a bit strange with only the center of the seat warm? Maybe some of you have experience with this application?

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Rick Mayer also retains the heating elements. I had mine done by him and the heating stuff seems to work fine. Although the seat is a different shape it does not feel much different except that I think it takes a bit longer to heat up.

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I too have an 06 RT that came with factory heated seats.

The front OEM saddle was aweful and a replacement from Corbin was ordered.

Upon arrival I followed Corbin's instructions and wired it directly to the battery.


But, after twice failing to turn the damn side switch off and totally flattened my battery, I figured out a better solution.


I had read somewhere on the forum that someone had tapped into the CANBUS and it worked just fine,

so, that's what I did and I can testify that it works like a charm.


All I did was splice directly into the existing wires.

The original factory wires are very small gauge compared to the Corbin wiring, but it works great.


There are only two things out of the ordinary that I've noticed.

One is that it seems to take a little longer to heat up, but there is definitely a high and a low.

Second is the RED light in the side rocker switch, blinks on and off when the heat is on.

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