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Zumo Autocom installation


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Thinking of buying a Zumo and wiring it into my Autocom, should it be plug and play or will I need a special cable? Thanks, confused.gif Ralph

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You will need a special cable. It is in development. I have seen one of the first prototypes. It should be available within the next 30 days or so.

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I think it depends upon whether you are using a Bluetooth phone. You'll find lots of discussion on this and other boards about Autocom's special cable for that application.


I have an older phone with no Bluetooth, so the only Autocom connection I needed was for the audio out from the Zumo (XM radio, MP3s and voice prompts).


Run a standard audio cable from the Zumo cable to the stereo input port on your Autocom. I think Autocom recommends and isolated cable to avoid noise but I tried mine with a standard cable and it seemed to work OK.


I have since changed to connect to the Zumo cradle with a cassette adaptor (my LT is an older model with a cassette tape deck). Works like a charm and I didn't have to buy a special cable.

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I talked with Top Gear a day or two ago. They just received their first shipment of the new cables. They have a couple of things to check out then they will begin contacting people on the waiting lists about orders. They told me they had enough cables to supply everyone that is currently on the email or phone waiting lists.

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i just got my zumo in the other day and have the older autocomm (pro7 sport) but originally had a 2610 hooked up to the audio. Don't have a bluetooth phone (yet) but would like to try the wireless application but i'll probably need wires anyway as the autocomm isn't bluetooth compatible

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