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what part for replacement rotor bobbins?


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I need to replace the bobbins on one of our bikes and im not sure what part number to use for the "roll pin". BMW has two numbers listed of the same part, one is for the "roll pin" only and the other is for "roll pin with snap ring". I believe i want the roll pin only but im not sure. So, anyone who has used the bmw replacement parts if you could chime in and let me know that would be great.

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From this thread

Here is what you need:



(18) 34112310086 plain rollers (9 on each rotor)

(6) 34112310995 spring-loaded rollers (3 on each rotor)

(6) 34112310088 flat washers (in case you lose some)

(6) 34112310089 C-clips (in case you break some)



Should come to around $85 at Chicago BMW.



Offset the spring-loaded rollers by one hole when you reinstall. First install three spring-loaded rollers at even intervals in the rotor and then install plain rollers in the rest of the holes.

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