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Steve Danner

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Stephen K. Danner from Illinois, born 08 Jan 1948; died 05 Jan 2005.



Steve fought a years long, courageous battle with cancer. This quote from Doc 47 sums it up.


"Steve fought through it one day at a time and didn't seem to wrestle with the "why me?" syndrome that so many of us end up wallowing in. Where did his sheer will come from? That's the lesson I'd like to get out of it."


From Fernando Belair's tale of the first Unrally in Gunnison, CO


We’ve had a few board members who have, and are still, battling cancer. For some it looks like they’re winning. For others, it’s still unclear. Glen McIntosh pointed this out to us about two months ago. Steve Danner is in a very tough fight. Some days are good. Others not so. Still, he made the effort to come to Gunnison with his wife Bonnie and their family and share in the companionship and the entire experience. Glen had suggested that we do something to acknowledge Steve’s courage. It was suggested that we all sign something for him. But what? A T-shirt? Nice, but several radar blips below where this needed to be. Then the idea came forth that if we could find a light-colored RT body panel, something from a tip-over and without too much damage, we could all sign it and offer our best wishes to Steve and his family.


David asked Steve to come forward, explained what we were doing, and that the blank side panel he was presenting to Steve would be full of our love and signatures by Tuesday night. As you can imagine it was a very touching moment. Steve, we love you and want to see you at our next Un-Rally, wherever it may be. Gleno, you know, doncha bro. Thank you from all of us, man. By the end of the two days, it was difficult to find an unautographed spot on that piece of Tupperware, and I think we wore out two Sharpie pens in the process.


Fernando Signing the Tupperware





Steve and Bonnie



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