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PIAA 1100 X PLATINUM (auto vs powersport versions)


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I noticed that PIAA has 2 different 1100 X PLATINUM lamps. I contacted PIAA, and they told me:


the 73112 is a power sports kit made for motorcycles and comes with the brackets for the bike.


The 1192 is for automobile applications.



Does anyone know if there is any real difference?


The auto model has more of a chrome bezel





The powersport version has a satin type finish


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The reason I ask is I found the auto ones for about $190 new, while the other ones are about $260.

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I went with the 1100x kit from Cycle Gadgets, just to play it safe, so I haven't seen the other ones in person. But looking at the pictures, once key difference is that the Powersport version's bracket has a single mounting hole. Judging by the picture in your post of the auto version, it has two mounting holes (See attachment).


The brackets that Cycle Gadgets sells that puts the lights right under the headlight are pre-drilled for that single hole mount. I suppose you could modify that, depending on how far apart the two holes are spaced. If you're using different brackets, it may be a non-issue altogether.


I've also read that the Powersports version has a more "motorcycle friendly" wiring harness - whatever that means. In my case, I cut most of it off anyway. The only piece I used was the relay.


Also, my Powersports units are chrome - not satin.


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The wiring harness for the motorsport version includes a waterproof on-off switch that you can panel-mount with its adhesive backing. It also serves as an on-off indicator.


The water-proof switch is most likely different from what's offered for autos. I can't imagine PIAA spending extra $$ on a waterproof switch for use on a car dashboard.


For your purposes, that waterproof switch is unnecessary if you provide your own on-off switch and on-off indicator, for example an Autoswitch with the Autoswitch's LED on/off indicator. I use an Autoswitch, so my PIAA waterproof switch is sitting uselessly atop my airfilter.


Could be the relay is different in some mechanical way, but probably not in an electrical way. The motorsport version includes a relay that's the size of my little finger, which I stuck under the rubber strap that holds the battery in place. Don't know what the automotive version looks like.


If you're willing to provide your own on-off switch (Autoswitch is good), and if you're willing to deal with what might possibly be different mounting holes and relay (maybe, maybe not), then I think there'll be no problem with the automotive version.


That all assumes that the mechanical dimensions of the light housing and bracket are the same. If the auto version is even 2 mm bigger in some dimension than the moto version, you might have clearance problems.


I've found that the PIAA USA people are pretty helpful. I asked them to email me a PDF of the instruction manual for the PIAA 1100x sport touring kit, and they did. It includes lots of photos and diagrams for mounting. You could ask them for a PDF for the installation of the automotive version. I'd bet you will probably be well informed after looking at that. Or you could inspect one in a store.

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I'm running the 1192s. No problem, I too saved some $$. The stock switch may or may not be waterproof, but since I'm using an AutoSwitch through the turn cancle switch it didn't matter.

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Aluminum_Butt -


I think you are right about the mounting bracket (1 has one hole, the other has 2). I wouldn't want to hack the wire harness....



NoHeat -


I got a 2nd email from PIAA saying "The power sport (wiring harness) is all waterproof and shorter." I like the idea of the autoswitch.


St_Louis_Don -


I want to do the setup like you have with the lights by the cylinder heads. Thanks for the confirmation of the use of the 1192s....

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