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Garmin won't talk anymore


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I have a Garmin 296 which is identical to the 276C but includes the aviation database. I had it working well with my Autocom and it would provide audio directions. Now it's not working and I'm not sure why. I did notice that my car kit speaker/charger was also working intermittently. If I pressed the plug in the back of the GPS, sometimes it would start working. In trying to figure out the problem, I pulled the speaker charger cord out of the GPS and the end came off the plug. I have had other Garmin charger plugs come apart like this. I may have to buy a new one. So I think my problem with the car kit charger was the plug coming apart. The plug I have on the bike seems to be in good shape and all the other bike connections seem to be good. Any ideas where I should look? Garmin didn't do a very good job when they designed the plugs for this unit or their Chinese manufacturer messed up in production.

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